General market trends for agricultural chemicals in China 12-11-2019

Agricultural chemicals are expected to perform well during the next year. Plant growth regulating chemicals, plant growth boosters, and seed coating agents are showing an upward trend in their use, especially as the demand for growth regulating chemicals is becoming greater. The demand for vermin poison has decreased sharply. However, with the rise of diseases carried by rats, demand for vermin poison may increase in the future. In addition, prevalence of highly effective pesticides with low amounts of poison that do not leave pesticide traces on plants is constantly increasing.

Commonly used biological pesticides are becoming more diverse, and the use of biological disinfectants is constantly increasing. Protective agents, plant immunity inducers, and plant health products are becoming more popular. For example, amino oligosaccharides, plant protein, isotianil, thidiazuron, and mineral oils are seeing great success in the market.

General market trends for insecticides

It is expected that the total amount of insecticides sold on the market will increase slightly. During the current year, Spinetoram, Chlorantraniliprole, Cyantraniliprole, Chlorfenapyr, highly effective Cyhalothrin, Tetrachlorantraniliprole, Indoxacarb, Hexaflumuron, Thiacloprid, Niclosamide, and Thiamethoxam have seen sharp increases in sales compared to last year. Due to adjustments in planting structures, it is necessary to defend against the thread of cotton bollworms on corn plants, soybean plants, peanut plants, and other crops. Furthermore, it is necessary to defend against the threat of miridae on cotton plants, fruit trees, tea plants, and other crops.

It is also predicted that environmentally friendly disease control products will fare well in the market. In 2018, sex-attractant pheromones were used on over 28 million acres of farmland to combat over 100 types of insects, including tobacco cutworms, Asiatic rice borers, miridae, and oriental fruit moths. In addition, phagostimulants were used on over 4.4 million acres of farmland to combat a variety of insects as well. Based on current trends, such environmentally friendly disease control products are expected to see increased sales in the future.

General market trends for disinfectants

In 2020, the use of disinfectants is expected to increase, and an especially sharp increase in the use of biological disinfectants is predicted. The reason for this prediction is that biological disinfectants are currently experiencing an increase from their typical market levels, and this trend is expected to continue. Additionally, due the spread of the practice of crossbreeding long-grain and round-grain rice species, the plant pathogen Ustilaginoidea virens is becoming an increasing threat in more and more locations, which is expected to increase the demand for biological disinfectants.


In addition, seed coatings are becoming one of the best techniques for preventing diseases affecting the stems of plants. During the previous year, seeds treated with seed coatings were planted across over 90% of all farmland used to plant crops.

From a species perspective, methoxy acrylic ester-type disinfectants can not only prevent and cure plant disease, but they can also bring about changes in plant physiology. For example, these disinfectants can increase the output of certain types of grains and delay age-related problems, making these types of disinfectants unlike any other. It is expected that this type of disinfectant will experience increased market levels.

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