First ever Chinese A2 milk powder hits the market, disrupting foreign grip on China 12-24-2019

Chinese consumers’ demands are changing. As part of a growing middle class, milk powder with an A2 based formula is gaining more popularity in the market in China. Until recently, no domestically produced A2 milk powder has existed in the Chinese market. Recently, however, Chinese company Junlebao’s has invented a product known as Zhizhen A2 milk powder, which is the first milk powder in the world to be produced by an industrial chain that owns its own farmland and cattle, and therefore foreign A2 milk powders are losing their monopolistic grip on the Chinese milk powder market. Chinese caregivers no longer need to acquire milk powder from overseas, as milk powder is now sold domestically in China first time.

According to the company, Junlebao’s new milk powder satisfies many diverse needs of consumers and gives buyers a choice of milk powder that they can trust.

At the conference for the launch of Junlebao’s new product on December 10, several famous actors and media icons from China discussed the nutritional value of milk powder and speculated about the significance of this first industrial chain-produced A2 milk powder for the worldwide market.

According to a survey, when choosing milk powder for infants, Chinese consumers have always tended to pay close attention to how milk powders will meet their personal needs. Only 13.5% of consumers stated that they do not read the nutrition facts before buying a milk powder.

Junlebao’s milk powder replaces foreign products in Chinese market

According to the committee leader of the Chinese Nutritional Society’s Maternal & Child Nutritional Branch, natural breastmilk contains high quantities of A2 beta casein protein, which is important for infants’ growth and development. With this in mind, Junlebao produces A2 milk powder that is of high quality at a reasonable cost, and that supports infant health and meets the various personal needs of consumers. As A2 milk powder has not previously existed in the Mainland Chinese market, Chinese consumers wishing to buy A2 milk powder had the choice to either find overseas sellers willing to ship internationally or to travel outside of China and carry milk powder back into the country. Both of these methods of acquiring A2 milk powder are usually expensive and time consuming. Junlebao claims that its new Zhizhen A2 milk powder is not only of high quality, but it is also a good value for its price, so Chinese consumers have a viable choice of choosing domestic milk powder from now on.

Junlebao’s milk powder produced from self-owned dairy farms

In China, approximately 30% of all dairy cows are capable of producing milk with A2 beta casein protein. To allow consumers to drink A2 milk powder, Julebao has established its own resources for producing milk powder in China, which combine Julebao’s “industrial chain consolidation” with its so-called “four world-class standards” business model in order to produce the first milk powder in the world produced by an industrial chain owning its own farmland and cattle. 

The vice-chairman of Julebao, as well as the general manager of Junlebao’s milk powder division, claim that Junlebao’s Zhizhen A2 milk powder is different from other A2 milk powder products that are already on the market. As Zhizhen A2 milk powder is produced entirely from milk obtained from cattle owned by Junlebao, a high standard can be guaranteed throughout all steps of the milk powder production process, and the final product can be of a consistently high quality.

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