HatchTech to Lead Construction at Major Chinese Hatchery: 01-17-2020

China’s Huayu Agriculture Science and Technology Co.Ltd has selected HatchTech Incubation Technology to lead the development of the major new hatchery in China. HatchTech will construct and equip the new parent stock hatchery, which is being constructed by Huayu in Handan, Hebei Province. The new plant is being constructed for the production of Hy-Line poultry layer genetics.

The new plant is expected to start its production in the third quarter of 2020 and will ensure a constant supply of the Hy-line poultry layer of genetics, with an estimated capacity of 10 million parent layer a year. The project will further boost Hy-line’s approximately 60% market share of China’s total layer market, which produces more than 700 million birds annually. HatchTech will not only help in installing the high-quality incubation equipment but will supply cooling, heating and ventilation equipment to the hatchery. Moreover, the company will also offer a full-service package of technical and biological support.

The project is the second collaboration between HatchTech and Huayu and is initiated after the success of the first project opened in July 2018, the Handan-based layer hatchery. The Handan-based layer Hatchery is the world’s largest hatchery with an annual production capacity of 60 million day-old chicks. The new project along with Handan hatchery will ensure superior chic quality for the customers and top-notch biosecurity. Huayu has collaborated with HatchTech because of its excellent team of technical and biological support from their offices in Beijing.

Huayu along with Hy-Line has agreed to invest in increased commercial layer chick production capacity to boost the sale of Hy-line Brown and Ly-Line Sonia in China. Hebei Huayu is planning to boost its capacity to more than 200 million chicks before 2020 and the new project will help in reaching that goal. According to Wang Lianzeng, chairman of Huayu Agriculture Science and Technology Co.Ltd, “ the joint venture is a win-win for both companies and will be beneficial for layer farmers in China”. The chairmen, predicts that local varieties of poultry can co-exist with the imports, and the new project will not influence the long-term pattern of China’s layer industry.

These developments will not only ensure food safety in the country but will reduce the gap between the local egg producers and branded eggs produces. Such projects will allow local egg producers to optimize the genetic potential of the product and gain technological advancements in the market, according to their customers' demand.

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