Jacobson Pharma Group Introducing two new Omega-3 Based Products 01-22-2020

Jacobson a Hong Kong-based Pharma group is planning on launching two omega-3based products with the name of Smartfish-Reflect and Smartfish Cream. The firm is planning to launch the two products at the start of 2020 in China and Taiwan. The aim of these products is to target the aging population that is expected to cover one-third of Asia’s population in 20 year time and hence increased demand in preventative and functional supplements.

The main ingredient of the two products is the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that are obtained from cod. The products are targeting a wide range of ages and therefore, the content of omega-3 in cream is kept lower at about 600mg as compared to the other product that is in liquid form and is intended for adult usage. Jacobson has signed the agreement for the distribution and supply of this product till the span of 10 years. The products are being manufactured in Sweden and Finland. Jacobson is also planning on launching more products from the same line in near future to capture the ever-growing demand for nutritional and functional supplement markets in the country. Jacobson is a leading pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong integrated into research, development, production, sales, and distribution of generic drugs and proprietary medicine.

Impact of new Products on Omega-3 Market in China:

China is the fastest-growing consumer market for omega-3 products because of increased consumer awareness that is buoyed by the ingredient’s sports nutrition potential and growth opportunities for personalized nutrition.  In 2018, China’s per capita spending on omega-3 supplements stand at US $0.26- half of Asia’s total average, which indicates positive and steady growth. Therefore, many local companies were motivated to invest in this ingredient and start capturing the demand in the market. However, there was concern raised about the quality of some omega-3 oils and products sold in the country. These concerns shifted the trust of Chinese consumers from local brands to international ones and therefore, now more Pharma enterprises are focusing on bringing finished products from international markets.

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