How Poultry Farms Can Improve Manure management in China 01-22-2020

China has achieved rapid economic development in the past three decades and has become the second-largest growing economy of the world. However, this success has come at the cost of deterioration of the country’s environment. China’s environmental problems, including outdoor and indoor air pollution, water shortages, contamination, desertification, and soil pollution have become more pronounced and are subjecting the Chinese resident to significant health risks.

In China, the pollution that has caught the most attention is the agricultural pollution or waste from poultry and livestock farms that have contaminated land and water supplies in the country. With an increase in the meat demand in the country, the poultry or livestock waste has increased and is further expected to get amplified until proper measures are taken. Though the new environmental policies have forced thousands of local farms to relocated or close near densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas but utilization of the farms waste especially manure is still a big issue for the agencies and farms.

In order to minimize the manure pollution, the Chinese government has initiated many policies which can transform the manure into a valuable resource that if used appropriately can replace a significant amount of chemical fertilizers. Recently, a Russian startup team ZEOL has created organic fertilizer from birds dropping and zeolite mineral.  According to the team, the fertilizer is quite efficient and can increase productivity by up to 50 %. Though the technology is still in the testing phase and has not yet been brought in China, it can be utilized to solve the country’s largest problem, poultry waste.

The Tatarstan based company ZEOL’s prototype fertilizers are being tested in several laboratories, including in Persian Gulf Countries and bringing the technology in China will not only help in managing the manure problem of every so increasing livestock but will also allow the farmers to have an organic fertilizer that aims to increase the productivity of their crops especially grains. ZEOL is not only planning to sell their final product to the interested countries but also the technology for reducing the hazard class of bird dropping using zeolite. Chinese farms and poultry enterprises could use the technology to protect themselves from administrative penalties and can also begin producing their own fertilizer that can be sold or used in their own fields since large poultry farms often adapt the surrounding area for the production of feed crop.  


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