Impact of Buhler and Premier on China’s Food Standards 01-30-2020

In 2019, Swiss Buhler Group and Premier Tech from Canada agreed on strategic cooperation on flexible packaging solutions ad announced to build a design and manufacturing center in China. The portfolio and expertise of Premier Tech Buhler will enable future packaging solutions which significantly more efficient, accurate and food-safe by using automation technologies. The strategic cooperation between the two giants in the industry is beneficial because both can manipulate their strengths for the development of the automation packaging industry in China.

The design and manufacturing center will not only benefit the functional food manufacturers in the country but will also support the grain industry as in grain processing, the packaging is the last step before transporting flour to bakeries and other food processors, rice to distributors and pallets to farms. In this cooperation, Buhler brings its know-how of high-quality manufacturing and supply chain management in China, as well as its digital solutions. Whereas, Premier Tech will contribute its superior packaging expertise and technological leadership in the field. Furthermore, with the partnership, Buhler is set to improve its digital service allowing for full transparency and traceability along the entire value chain, whereas, Premier Tech aims to gain better access to the Chinese market by utilizing the cost-effective and modern packaging solutions.

Impact of new design facility on Chinese food processing Industry:

China food processing industry is maturing and the projected growth is steady because Chinese consumers are now more interested in eating natural and healthier foods while valuing convenience and attractive packaging. Therefore, the manufacturing of state of the art packaging and design center in China will not only boost the functional food industry but will also help in developing and nurturing the trust in locally produced food products as the new packaging center will ensure food safety along with attractive and practical designs. The new design and manufacturing center will also bring new packaging technology in the country, which can benefit many food-related industries.

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