Henan Withdrawal of Live Poultry from Market 01-27-2020

On January 21, 2020, According to Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Henan will completely ban the sale live poultry to effectively prevent the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection. The Market Supervision Administration and the Food and Drug Administration have comprehensively inspected and rectified the farmer’s market and the operators who still sell live poultry in the market and slaughter and poultry products after the issuance of this notice shall be ordered to cease operations. Anyone who refuses to stop operation shall file a case for investigation and punishment according to law and if the case constitutes a crime, it shall be transferred to the public security organ according to law. The municipal bureau will lead a random inspection of the shutdown of the live poultry market.

Henan province is one of the largest meat-producing provinces in the country. Although, there is no official statement reported for the culling of the poultry because of coronavirus, but the local authorities are aware of the threat and domestic agriculture market is expecting a ripple effect on meat supply and demand. According to a China-based market source,” the current epidemic might affect the demand for pork and chicken, especially during Chinese New Year”.

According to sources more provinces and regions are assessing whether to close their live poultry markets or not. Though the virus has not yet been associated with chicken, the local authorities are taking no chance until all the sources of the virus have been cleared.

Possible Impact on the Poultry Industry:

In 2019, the Chinese poultry industry gained its momentum because of the spread of African swine fever and recorded a growth of 5.6% almost $119.3 billion. This growth was attributed by high poultry prices because of the shift of consumers from pork to poultry. Though the new coronavirus has not yet been associated with live poultry, but because of past experience the officials are taking preliminary measures and have closed the wet markets, which can cause a short term price decrease in the industry.  As, currently the virus have not been yet identified with the poultry, experts believe that it might not impact the industry in the longer run.

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