Baby Industry Leader Beingmate Puts 3D Protective Masks into Production 04-02-2020

Beingmate, a leading enterprise in baby industry, has officially started the production of 3D protective masks on March 18. One of its modern intelligent plant, Hangzhou bienmeter Industrial Co., Ltd, participates mainly in the production. At the moment the project is accelerating with the output of 500 thousand masks per day.

Early in February, Beingmate already responded positively to the Chinese government's call for aid by producing masks in a swift way, in order to make some contribution to the fight against Corona Virus. Beingmate has 2 production lines with high-speed ultrasound for 3D protective masks that can be used by adults and children. Later on the company will introduce another production line for plane-type masks and surgical masks.

Beingmate’s high tech and professional equipment considered as advantages in producing preventive masks

Beingmate has a subsidiary with an intelligent plant specializing in baby products. With the one hundred thousand grade germ-free purification workshop, ten thousand grade microbiology lab, and a solar roof of eight thousand square meters as well as excellent manufacturing technique and professional equipment, Beingmate can ensure that the outputs of the plant reach the global standard in biochemistry and physicochemistry. In other words, the hygiene and the quality of the protective masks can be guaranteed to a great extent.

What’s more, the plant has been used for the production of the famous product series Hello Kitty diapers. Thanks to the high technique and the strict product control that have been adopted in the production process of Hello Kitty diapers, the company can have advantages in the professional production of protective masks.

The existing professional production environment and the new production lines especially for protective masks create sufficient conditions for the swift production of protective masks. And it is also surprising to know that the production of protective masks and the one of baby products have something in common when it comes to aseptic processing and hygiene.

Three-layer protection: Beingmate focuses on masks’ material and quality

According to Beingmate, the 3D protective masks are made of medical materials with three layers.

The first layer consists of water-resistant nonwoven fabric, which can separate coarse particles. The second layer is made of medical melt-blown fabric BFE95, which can filter fine particles and germs. The third layer is a soft nonwoven fabric that has gentle contact with skin. Therefore, plenty of harmful substance, such as bacteria, pollen, sand as well as saliva, can be filtered in an effective way with the 3D protective mask.

Beingmate, the largest production base for infant food in East China

Beingmate is one of the Chinese leading enterprises in baby industry with headquarter located in the city of Hangzhou. Nowadays, the company becomes the biggest production base for infant food in East China.

As one of the top three enterprise for baby supplements, Begingmate has distributions of its products all over the country. The company has business ranging from infant food, infant products to service for baby care, among which baby food serves as the main project.

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