Market Research of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China 04-08-2020

Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), also known as tripolyphosphate or sodium triphosphate, is used widely in the manufacture of cleaning products and food preservatives, as well as in water treatment facilities. China has been the No.1 in STPP production and export around the globe for many years.

STPP consumption in China witnessed continuous increases in 2015–2019, especially in the food sector, which is the main driving force for the consumption increase. Meanwhile, consumption in industrial sectors has been almost stable since 2015.

Due to the tough situation of STPP global market, Chinese producers have to adjust their strategies to face the challenge. The supplies in China will decrease inevitably with the weak demand and increasing cost of raw material. However, the supply of STPP as food additives will be sufficient for its high profits.

How will this industry go in the coming years? This report < Market Research of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China> CCM just published presents an overview of market research of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China, as well as a forecast on the industry future trend. You will definitely get some refreshing information on the Sodium Tripolyphosphate market in China from the report.

This report will illustrate the details for readers through the following aspects:

- Sodium Tripolyphosphate production in China, 2015–2019, including industrial grade and food grade
- Consumption of STPP on different areas in China, including food additives, surfactants and so on

- Forecast on supply and consumptions of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China to 2022

Main contents:

No. Content
Executive summary
Methodology and source
1 STPP production in China
1.1 STPP annual production in China (2015–2019)
1.2 Major manufacturers of STPP in China
1.3 Production capacity and output of China's major STPP manufacturers (2015–2019)
2 Consumption of STPP in China
3 CAGR 2019–2022 for STPP TG and STPP FG

List of tables:

Table No. Table Title
Table 1.1-1 Capacity and output of STPP in China by region, 2015–2019
Table 1.2-1 Major manufacturers of STPP in China, 2015–2019
Table 1.3-1 Capacity and output of major manufacturers in China, 2015–2019

List of figures:

Figure No. Figure Title
Figure 1-1 The average ex-work price of STPP in China, 2015-2019
Figure 1.1-1 Capacity and output of STPP in China, 2015–2019
Figure 1.1-2 Output share of STPP in China by region, 2019
Figure 2-1 Consumption trend of STPP in China by application, 2015–2019
Figure 2-2 Consumption of STPP in China, 2019, tonne
Figure 3-1 Forecast on STPP supply by grade in China, 2019–2022
Figure 3-2 Forecast on STPP consumption by grade in China, 2019–2022

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