Bright Group’s Pig Feed Plant goes into operation in North China 05-22-2020

Recently a Pig Feed Plant project of the Chinese food company, Bright Group, has been completed in Xilin County, Hebei Province. This marks the period for the first stage of the company’s planning of breeding 1 million pigs. The plant is now under normal operation.

Bright Group spends RMB 120 million on the pig feed plant, aiming to breed 1 million pigs

It is reported that the goal of Bright Group’s pig feed plant project is to breed one million of pigs. This is a large-scale comprehensive project of modernization integrating pig breeding and butchering, production of feed and organic fertilizer, cold chain logistics into one industrial chain. Bright Group spends a total number of RMB 120 million on the pig feed plant with an expected production capacity of 300 thousand tons of feed per year. This capacity is able to satisfy the demand of 1 million pigs in the base in Hebei.

At the moment, 180 thousand tons of feed can be produced in the plant, where an equipment of two global leading production lines have been introduced. The plant is also equipped with a standardized raw material warehouse, tower silos, main production workshops, storage houses for bulk finished products, boiler rooms and testing centres.

Once going into operation, the feed plant will be mechanized and automatized in different aspects and the production processes will also be visualized. In this way, a higher quality of feed, safer standardization of production, friendly environment and biosafety as well as more efficient staffing can be achieved.

It is predicted that 550 thousand high quality pigs with a value of over RMB 1 billion are ready to go on the market annually by the completion of the first stage of the project.

High efficiency seen in the construction of the feed plant project despise different difficulties on the way

According to the project leader, it takes only 240 days for the plant to be built, from a ground to a plant that goes into production. Previously, no more than 2 hours were spent on the process of business license. It took just 2 days for the procedures of approval to complete.

However, the plant has actually met difficulties on the way to its completion. For example, it took half a year for the land clearance to be completed and 100 days were spent on the project set-up, environmental assessment, land, planning permit, construction permit, fire control and other procedures. Especially during the time of corona virus, technical personnel had to go into quarantine before their work, which also became a challenge for the project.

Overview about bright group

Bright group is a fund-raising company founded in 2006. The company focuses mainly on the industrial chain of food with core business varying from the modern agriculture, food manufacturing business to chain commerce. Bright group’s modern agriculture concentrates mainly on milk, pigs, rice, vegetables and flowers and plants. Its food manufacturing business consists of dairy products, sugar, alcohol, snacks and cans. The company has more than 4000 chain sales networks, e-commerce companies and brand food agencies. In addition, the supporting business of the company is real estate, car renting and logistics. Bright Dairy is one of the listed companies of Bright Group.

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