Survey of Phosphorus Industry in China 06-11-2020

China has become one of the biggest phosphorus producers and exporters in the world after 20 years of fast expansion. A relatively complete industrial system for phosphorus industry has been established in China, covering from mining of phosphate rock, to production of basic and fine phosphorus chemicals.

Survey of Phosphorus Industry in China, finished in June 2020, is CCM's fifth edition report on China's phosphorus industry. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following parts:

Global phosphate rock reserves and output
China's phosphate rock reserves, output, price and exports
China's phosphate fertilizer output, price and exports

China's yellow phosphorus capacity, output, price and exports

Main contents:

No. Content
Executive summary
1 Phosphate rock
1.1 Overview of global phosphate rock
1.2 Phosphate rock in China
1.2.1 Distribution of phosphate rock reserves, 2019
1.2.2 Output of phosphate rock, 2012–2019
1.2.3 Price of phosphate rock, 2016–2019
1.2.4 Export analysis of phosphate rock, 2012–2019
2 Phosphate fertilizers in China
2.1 Output of phosphate fertilizers, 2012–2018
2.2 Prices of MAP and DAP, 2016–2019
2.3 Export analysis of phosphate fertilizers, 2012–2019
3 Yellow phosphorus in China
3.1 Capacity and output of yellow phosphorus, 2015–2019
3.2 Price of yellow phosphorus, 2012–2019
3.3 Export analysis of yellow phosphorus, 2012–2019
4 Key phosphorus producers in China, 2019

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Overview of phosphorus chemical industry
China’s phosphate rock main features
Yellow phosphorus market dynamics in China 2020
Overall situation of China’s phosphate fertilizers industry ( MAP&DAP)
STPP annual production situation in China ( 2015-2019)

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