Pesticide Price Analysis in China [Edition4] 10-10-2020

Entering 2020, global supply chain has been disrupted and cost of raw materials for pesticide production increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As China's pesticide manufacturers gradually resumed production, domestic demand can be met, but export of pesticide products was hampered. In addition, increasingly strict environmental protection policies and safety production supervision resulted in a tight supply of pesticides.

In Q1–Q3 2020, ex-works price of pesticide technical
kept a downward trend overall. As of Sept. 2020, ex-works price of pesticide hovered at a low level. Specifically, the price of herbicide was stable, while prices of insecticide and fungicide kept going down.

In particular, the prices of herbicide technical remained low and stable overall, but they fell sharply compared to the same period last year. From Jan. to Sept. 2020, the ex-works prices of insecticide technical in China generally showed a downward trend. The main production bases of fungicides are mostly concentrated in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. In Q1–Q3 2020, the ex-works price of fungicide technical went up first but then turned down overall.

In this report, CCM will do analysis of the prices of pesticides in China in Q1–Q3 2020 from the following aspects:

√ Overview of China’s pesticide industry in Q1–Q3 2020
√ Price analysis of herbicides in Q1–Q3 2020
√ Price analysis of insecticides in Q1–Q3 2020

√ Price analysis of fungicides in Q1–Q3 2020

Main contents:

No. Content

Executive summary

1 Overview of China’s pesticide industry in Q1–Q3 2020
1.1 Supply and demand of pesticides
1.2 Overall price of pesticides
2 Price analysis of herbicides in Q1–Q3 2020
2.1 Overall price of herbicides
2.2 Prices of main herbicide products
2.2.1 Glyphosate
2.2.2 Glufosinate-ammonium
2.2.3 Pretilachlor
2.2.4 Pendimethalin
2.2.5 Trifluralin
2.2.6 Nicosulfuron
2.2.7 Clodinafop-propargyl
2.2.8 Clethodim
2.2.9 Oxadiazon
2.2.10 Atrazine
3 Price analysis of insecticides in Q1–Q3 2020
3.1 Overall price of insecticides
3.2 Prices of main insecticide products
3.2.1 Emamectin benzoate
3.2.2 Imidacloprid
3.2.3 Malathion
3.2.4 Chlorpyrifos
3.2.5 Pymetrozine
3.2.6 Fipronil
3.2.7 Chlorfluazuron
3.2.8 Lambda-cyhalothrin
3.2.9 Bifenthrin
3.2.10 Chlorfenapyr
4 Price analysis of fungicides in Q1–Q3 2020
4.1 Overall price of fungicides
4.2 Price of main fungicide products
4.2.1 Difenoconazole
4.2.2 Propiconazole
4.2.3 Tebuconazole
4.2.4 Azoxystrobin
4.2.5 Carbendazim
4.2.6 Prochloraz
4.2.7 Cyazofamid
4.2.8 Dimethomorph
4.2.9 Trifloxystrobin
4.2.10 Chlorothalonil

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