China Aluminum Fluoride Market research in 2020 10-29-2020

China Aluminum Fluoride Market Research in 2020, finished by CCM, attaches the great importance of the following parts:

- Brief introduction of AlF3 production process, including dry process and wet process
- Current situation of AlF3 industry
- Producer with production situation, including capacity and output of dry-process AlF3 manufacturers, producer information of fluorosilicic acid-process AlF3
- Ex-works price of dry-process AlF3 and wet-process AlF3
- Import and export data and analysis of anhydrous AlF3

- Development trends of AlF3 products

Main contents:

No. Content

Executive summary

1 General situation in the Chinese AlF3 market
1.1 Brief introduction of AlF3
1.2 Current situation
2 Producer with production situation
3 Ex-works price from Sept. 2017 to Sept. 2020
4 Import and export of anhydrous AlF3
5 Development trends

There are two processes for AlF3 production—dry process and wet process. Specifically, dry-process AlF3 can be subdivided into traditional dry-process AlF3 and anhydrous AlF3, while wet-process AlF3 can be subdivided into traditional hydrofluoric acid wet-process AlF3 and fluorosilicic acid wet-process AlF3.

At present, dry process is the most popular and widely used by the AlF3 producers in the market, because of its mature producing technique and good product quality. At the same time, fluorosilicic acid-process AlF3 also enjoys certain competitiveness thanks to its environmentally friendliness, low production cost and good product quality.

Do-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd. has been the largest manufacturer of dry-process AlF3 in recent years. It has a capacity of XXX t/a AlF3, and produced XXX tonnes in 2019. Major dry-process AlF3 producers are mainly located in Shandong Province and Henan Province.

Currently, there are five main manufacturers who produce fluorosilicic acid wet-process AlF3, including Yunnan Yuntianhua Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. and Dazhou Lizhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and they are all in active production.

The price of AlF3 is jointly influenced by supply and demand of the product. In recent years, it has showed a downward trend with fluctuation because of oversupply and relatively weak demand in the market.

The export volume of anhydrous AlF3 (HS code: 28261210) firstly XXX from 2017 to 2018, and then XXX from 2018 to 2019. XXX, XXX and XXX are the top three destinations for China's anhydrous AlF3 from 2017 to H1 2020.

In the future, while dry process will remain to be the mainstream production method in the coming few years, fluorosilicic acid wet process will also show its advantages in resources recycling and low cost, especially as the production of fluorite—raw material of dry-process AlF3 has been restricted in recent years.

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