Heilongjiang to increase corn and soybean production in 2021 02-10-2021

Recently, the Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee has ensured that the total grain yield of Heilongjiang will reach over 75 million tons in 2021, and that the total grain sowing acreage will stabilize at around 14.3 million hectares in 2021, with 6 million hectares of corn planting area, 4 million hectares of soybean planting area and 4 million hectares of rice planting area.

Heilongjiang province ranks first in China when it comes to grain production. The province also ranks first in the yields of corn and soybeans in China, which has a great influence in the corn and soybean markets in China. During the recent two years, affected by both Chinese and international markets, the corn planting and soybean planting in Heilongjiang province has fluctuated. In 2019, Heilongjiang was known as the largest main non-genetically modified soybean production area. The soybean planting area in Heilongjiang reached 4.3 million hectares in 2019, which accounted for 45.9% of the total soybean planting area in China.

Heilongjiang greatest corn producer in China

Responding to the agricultural situation in Heilongjiang, the province expanded more areas for planting grain crops compared to 2019, with stable rice production, an increase in corn and wheat production and a decrease in soybean production. Data from the statistical department shows that the grain sowing acreage in Heilongjiang in 2020 was 14 million hectares, which was an increase of 330 thousand hectares compared to 2019. The total grain yield in Heilongjiang in 2020 reached 75.4 million tons, accounting for 11.3% of the total grain yield in China, which was an increase of 380 thousand tons compared to 2019. The total grain yield in Heilongjiang in 2020 also accounts for 6.7% of the total grain volume increase in China.

In fact, Heilongjiang’s title of the greatest grain producing province is attributed to its corn production. In 2011, the corn planting area in Heilongjiang province reached 5.9 million hectares, which was an increase of 670 thousand hectares compared to 2010. With the high production of corn and other crops, the total output of grain was 55.7 million tons, which produced 2.8 million tons more than Hunan, the second greatest grain producing province.


Recently, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China indicated that the total grain production should be ensured to stabilize at around 650 million tons in 2021, so that the total grain production can continue to increase. Specifically, he stated that all areas in China should make sure that the soybean production should reach over 933 million hectares, and he also emphasized that the expansion of corn planting area in northeastern China and the Huanghuaihai region should be given priority.

In order to ensure the grain production in 2021, the government of Heilongjiang province issued a plan for preventing farmland from being used for other purposes than grain planting on December 31, 2020. Three points are emphasized in the plan. First, the grain production plans should be practicable. Rice planting area should be stabilized, and the corn planting area should be moderately increased. Second, increased monitoring measures for ploughing and grain growing should be implemented. Third, more benefits and allowances should be given by the government to the farmers who increase grain production. 


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