Drive Bio-tech proposes to raise funds of RMB 125 million for its 9,000 t hematopoietic nutrition products and R&D center construction project 02-18-2021

The new OTC market company Drive Bio-tech had an online roadshow on January 8 and the company plans to launch an initial public offering on January 11.

Drive Bio-tech is a hematopoietic feed manufacturer and is also the only company in China to mainly produce hematopoietic products. The hematopoietic products made from Drive Bio-tech have avoided the disadvantages that traditional hematopoietic nutrition products have had and will lower the frequency of anemia in livestock, which often occurs when raising animals in close quarters, so as to increase the survival rate of livestock. The company has established close cooperation with several major customers such as Royal DSM, Haid Group, DBN Sci-tech, Aonong Biological Technology Group Corporation, Tongwei Co., Ltd., Huaying Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, and New Wellful Co., Ltd.

Drive Bio-tech is mainly engaged in the research production and marketing of hematopoietic feed products. The company’s main product is hematopoietic feed additive premix and additive premixes of other functions. 

Drive Bio-tech with an improved approach to treating anemia in livestock

Hematopoietic products are mainly used to address the problem of anemia in livestock, which can occur when animals are raised in close proximity to one another. Blood is one of the essential materials in animals, as it helps animals’ growth, improve animals’ immune systems, increase animals’ blood content, as well as improve animals’flesh color. The use of hematopoietic products in pigs will also reduce the economic loss caused by bad quality of pork, increase sows’ reproducing ability, as well as increase higher survival rate of piglets.

Animal anemia is one of the common problems faced by those who raise livestock. According to Anne Mette Scrunz Hanl’s article from the magazine Pigs and Poultry, surveys from the United States, Denmark, Canada, and Norway have shown that under the condition of commercialization, 20% of piglets have iron deficiency anemia and their MCHC is below 90g/L and more than 75% of the pigs’ MCHC in pig farms is below 110g/L.

The traditional hematopoietic products are not very effective and very dangerous. According to the public offering prospectus of Drive Bio-tech, the traditional hematopoietic products contain arsenic, which can cause widened blood vessels, so as to mask animals’ dark yellow skin and unhealthy flesh color caused by anemia. In addition, arsenic is poisonous to human beings and animals, and it pollutes the environment.

Drive Bio-tech constructs research institute and completes product trials

Drive Bio-tech always focuses on the research and development of their products. In 2017, the company established a city-level research institution in Guangzhou, Guangdong. In the meanwhile, the company also established a long term corporation with educational institutions, such as South China Agricultural University, The Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, and The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since the end of 2020, Drive Bio-tech has owned eight patents, with three patents of invention.

Drive Bio-tech has conducted trails of its hematopoietic products in China’s representative pig farms in Nanjing, Hebei, Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangxi. Data shows that Drive Bio-tech’s hematopoietic products increase the number of qualified healthy piglets by 1.08 pigs per litter; increase the average litter weight by 1.88 kg/litter; decrease litter delivery time by 59.22 mins/litter; and increase MCHC by 13.4% and 13.3% for sows and piglets, respectively.


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