Inner Mongolia 3F to build 13,000 ton PVDF project 02-28-2021

In late Jan. 2021, the company Inner Mongolia 3F published its plan for a 13,000 t/a polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) project. According to recent information, the project aims to set up production for 13,000 t/a PVDF, 13,000 t/a of vinylidene difluoride (VDF), as well as 20,000 t/a of 1-Chloro-1, 1-difluoroethane (F142b). The project will be established in the factory of Inner Mongolia 3F Wanhao Fluorochemical Industry Co., Ltd., located in the fluorine chemical industrial park of Fengzhen in Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia.  


According to a source familiar with the matter, the project is currently waiting for the approval by Ministry of Ecological Environment. Inner Mongolia 3F Wanhao Fluorochemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. The company mainly produce environmentally friendly refrigerant products such as F152a, F142b, VDF, PVDF, FKM, perfluorooctanoate (PFOA), HFC-143a, and AHF.


Inner Mongolia 3F already a major player in chemical production 

The current F152a production of the company is about 40,000 t/a, and the current 142b production is about 38,500 t/a. It is estimated that by 2022, the company will reach its 142b production goal of 58,500 t/a. The current VDF production is 12,000 t/a, while the current PVDF productivity is 7,000 t/a. It is estimated that the production of PVDF will reach 20,000 t/a by 2022. The current FKM production is 3,500 t/a and is expected to reach 5,000t/a by 2022.


In 2019, the prime operating revenue of Inner Mongolia 3F Wanhao Fluorochemical Industry Co., Ltd. was approximately RMB 738 million with an export revenue of USD 11 million, a domestic sales revenue of RMB 660 million, as well as a profits tax of RMB 70 million.


Inner Mongolia’s chemical processing industry growing 

Fengzhen Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park was established in 2005, and the industrial park covers a total area of approximately 467 thousand square meters, with floor space of 180 thousand square meters. Fengzhen Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park mainly contains the following enterprises:  Inner Mongolia 3F Wanhao Fluorochemical Industry Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Alltop Fluorine Chemical New Material Development Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Changfu Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Changxin Chemical Co., Ltd, as well as Inner Mongolia Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd. In 2010, the industrial park in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region was considered to be one of the 22 key industrial parks in the eastern Mongolia area.


There are also several key projects that were recently established in Inner Mongolia, which includes a coal to ethanol project, a fine chemical project, as well as a high-end chemical project. The coal to ethanol project is considered as the first major coal to ethanol project in China, with an estimated output of 600 thousand t/a. The project is led by Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., as well as Inner Mongolia Chuangmeng Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. The project covers a total area of about 700 thousand square meters. The plan of the project is to use coal as raw material to produce synthesis gas, and the synthesis gas will mainly be sent to an ethanol plant, with small part of synthesis gas sent to a fine chemical project.


For more information, please check our resources on China’s chemicals market.

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