Three kinds of sugar-free beverages with erythritol sweetener put on the Chinese market 05-15-2021

Recently, companies in the beverage industry have launched sugar-free beverages that contain erythritol onto the market. On April 6, Yili launched a fruit tea flavored yogurt, which is considered to be the first beverage company to produce a half-sugar yogurt with a fruit tea flavor. According to Yili, the added sucrose in the product is less than or equal to 5% of normal amounts. Each hectogram of the yogurt contains 71 calories.

On April 8, Jianlibao launched an orange-flavored non-alcoholic sparkling water onto the market. The product contains erythritol, which is considered to be a healthy substitute for sugar, and the product also contains dietary fiber, which helps people maintain healthy intestinal function.

Eastroc Beverage also launched a sugar-free beverage that contains erythritol and maltitol. The product has added taurine, guarana extract, and green tea powder that contain natural caffeine, which is a stimulant that increases energy. The product also adds nicotinic acid and vitamin B6 as vitamin supplements.

Erythritol most popular low-calorie sweetener among new food and beverage products

Erythritol is a sugar with the least calories out of all commonly used edible sugars, which makes it more popular than xylitol for use as a cane sugar and corn syrup substitute in new recent food products. The reason for erythritol's low calorie count is that humans lack the enzymes necessary to fully digest erythritol, so after it moves from the small intestine to the blood stream, it cannot be further metabolized, and it is almost entirely expelled in urine. Unlike certain other sugars, erythritol does not lead to bloating and diarrhea, and it is safe even for diabetic people to consume.

Since erythritol has the lowest calorie density out of all commonly consumed sugars, with a calorie density of almost zero, it is often used in "zero calorie" beverages, and it is useful for reducing the calories in high calorie foods. Throughout the world, erythritol is already commonly used in sugarless candy products. For example, it is used in place of traditional sugars in gumdrops and other soft candies to reduce calories by up to 85%, and it is used in chocolate to reduce calories by up to 30%. Furthermore, etythritol can be used in alcoholic beverages to facilitate the mixture of ethanol and water molecules, which can reduce alcoholic smell and asperity, which leads to higher quality spirits and wines.

Demand for erythritol and xylitol expected to increase as low-calorie products gain popularity

Another popular sweetener commonly used in recent food products is xylitol. Since 1963, xylitol has been considered by the American Food and Drug Administration to be a publicly recognized safe substance, and xylitol has been allowed for use in food, drinks, medicines, and cosmetic products. Furthermore, the European Food Safety Authority has declared that xylitol is safe for long-term consumption, and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives, headed by both American and European authorities, classified xylitol as a Class A food additive. Since then, xylitol has been commonly used in sweet products and desserts as an artificial sweetener.

With the recent new beverages launched on the market, it is expected that low-calorie products using xylitol and erythritol will continue to increase in presence and that the demand for these two low-calorie sugars will continue to grow.

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