Guangxi continues to promote the artificial weather modification in sugarcane production areas 08-02-2021

Summary: On 13 July, the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region made an announcement on promoting the development of artificial weather modification, which puts the emphasis on the weather forecast level in major agricultural products (sugarcane, for example) planting reserves, aiming to ensure the supply of agricultural products and crop safety.


On 13 July, the General Office of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Artificial Weather Modification (the Opinions). The Opinions proposed that a high-quality artificial weather modification system that effectively guarantees agricultural development is to be formed by 2025 and reach an advanced level by 2035.



As early as 2008, Guangxi had appointed personnel to carry out work on artificial weather modification; in 2014, relevant management regulations were officially issued to clarify the use scope of artificial weather modification. This Opinions's focus inclines to making artificial weather modification serve for agricultural production: carrying out drought, hail and other disasters assessments in concentrated areas of sugarcane, rice, corn, vegetables, fruits, tobacco and other crops. Drought and hail prevention operations should be put into grain production function areas, important agricultural products production areas (such as sugarcane), special agricultural products production areas as well as important agricultural seasons, and improve severe weather forecasts level. This series of work is expected to reduce disaster losses, ensure food security, and the supply of important agricultural products.



The 2020/2021 squeezing season of Guangxi has ended in April, and it is currently in the sugarcane growing period. The Sugar Industry Development Office of Guangxi has recently rolled out relevant policies to further increase farmers' enthusiasm for sugarcane planting, promote fine sugarcane varieties and scientific planting. The policies include organizing the application of Guangxi sugarcane seed breeding and promotion base for seed nursery subsidies, sugar industry development special funds, and construction of 2022 Guangxi sugarcane varietie sbreeding promotion base, etc. Although there are relevant financial supports, if there is a poor harvest, it will also cause a blow to the enthusiasm of local farmers for sugarcane planting. Therefore, the weather modification in Guangxi, the largest cane sugar production area in China, weighting agriculture more than others, is beneficial to reduce the impact of accidental factors such as weather on agricultural production, and to provide a certain guarantee for the development of local agriculture, especially the sugar industry.



Another cane sugar production area, Yunnan Province, has also taken a series of measures to promote the sustainable development of the cane sugar industry recently. According to on 8 July, the Sugar Industry Science and Technology Mission of Gengma County, Yunnan Province held a field management training meeting in Lincang City from 22 to 24 in June to conduct knowledge training on prevention and control issues on actual problems and pests encountered in sugarcane production. In addition, the national sugarcane resource bank creation and high-sugar and multi-resistant germplasm innovative utilization project hosted by the Sugarcane Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences recently won the first prize of the 2020 Yunnan Science and Technology Progress Award, which provides high-quality variety resources  for the development of the sugar industry in Yunnan Province.



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