Chinese enterprises Yili and Mengniu among top 3 most valuable dairy brands 2021 08-25-2021

On August 10, Brand Finance, a world's leading brand valuation consultancy, published a list of the ten most valuable dairy brands in the world in 2021. Two Chinese dairy leading enterprises are in the top three list, with Yili ranking the first and Mengniu ranking third in the list.

It is the fourth year in the row for Yili to be crowned as champion in the global dairy brand ranking. The top three dairy brands are the same as those from 2020, namely Yili, Danone and Mengniu respectively. However, the rankings of Friso and Almarai decreased compared to last year.

Brand Finance is one of the world's top five leading brand valuation consultancies. Brand Finance evaluates brands based on seven standards, such as brand prospects, public awareness, brand influence, marketing investment, employee satisfaction, company reputation, and brand loyalty. Brand Finance’s professionalism has been widely recognized by companies in the industry, and the ranking lists that Brand Finance publishes have become an important basis for judging global brand value.

On the same day when the list of Ten Most Valuable Dairy Brands in the World in 2021 was published, the Top 10 Most Valuable Food Brands in the World in 2021 was also published. Yili ranked at second place, and Mengniu ranked eighth in the list of Top 10 Most Valuable Food Brands.

Yili receives recognition of Chinese authorities and lay consumers alike

An annual meeting of China Dairy Industry Association was held in Beijing from September 11 to 13, and leaders from related authorities, experts in the dairy industry, and some dairy enterprises attended the meeting.

As one of the leading enterprises in the dairy industry, Yili was also invited in the meeting, and was awarded “Chinese Dairy Spirit Model Enterprise”. Yili was also awarded the First Prize in Technology Invention Award, Outstanding Winner and the First Prize in Technological Progress Award.

Online shopping has become normal in dairy distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this change, Yili actively expands online channels and continuously explore new consumption scenarios. For example, Live Commerce has become popular in China. Live Commerce is a combination of Livestreaming and E-commerce.

Live streaming hosts, usually celebrities on the internet, will have a live show introducing an item to people watching the livestreaming show. Yili also tries to strengthen communication with consumers through livestreaming shows, and thus Yili receives more recognition.

Yili uses big data to meet consumer needs and expand its market

Through a big data radar encompassing 420 different data sources and accessing data from over 90% of the entire network, Yili uses big data analysis to gain insights into the deep-seated needs of consumers in real time. It took 4 years to develop Shuhua lactose-free milk, which solved many consumer problems related to lactose intolerance.

Not long ago, Yilixin Huoshu Sugar Diet Formula Milk Powder was launched on the market, dedicated to solving the nutritional problems of people with high blood sugar. Yili has always focused on the manufacturing products of the highest quality and gaining insight into the needs of consumers. Furthermore, innovative new products such as "Xu Jin Huan" ice cream have brought surprise and satisfaction to consumers.


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