Nanjing Red Sun expands into the cosmetic grade nicotinamide field 10-07-2021

Nanjing Red Sun is a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange that focuses on scientific research and manufacturing of green pesticides, animal nutrition, and upstream and downstream pharmaceutical intermediates. On September 13, in response to questions by investors, a spokesperson from Red Sun stated that it is actively developing a project aimed at producing an annual output of 300 tons of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, which is expected to be put into operation at the end of December 2021. The spokesperson stated that the company is developing this new project with a goal of creating new sources of profit.


Prior to starting the new nicotinamide project, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui Redpont Biotechnology had an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of nicotinamide, but the nicotinamide produced by this project only included food-grade and animal feed-grade nicotinamide, and not cosmetic-grade nicotinamide project. According to a spokesperson from Red Sun in an interview with a reporter from China Times, with the advantages of the nicotinamide industrial chain and product quality, the company is confident and determined to gain a foothold in the cosmetic-grade nicotinamide market.


As a chemical substance, nicotinamide has a wide range of uses. It can not only be used as a drug to prevent pellagra, stomatitis, glossitis and other diseases, but it can also be used as an essential nutrient for mammals, and it is also used in food and animal feed. As an additive, nicotinamide is most widely used as a cosmetic product additive.


New nicotinamide project to diversify use of Anhui Redpont's raw materials amid economic stagnation

Nicotinamide produced by Anhui Redpont Biotechnology mainly includes two kinds, which are food grade and animal feed grade. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and fluctuations in the live pig market in the recent years, Anhui Redpont Biotechnology has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of nicotinamide that has not been fully utilized.


In order to improve the company's industrial diversification, deal with the impact of fluctuations in the single market, and increase the company's reputation and other strategic considerations, Anhui Redpont Biotechnology has added a brand-new cosmetic grade nicotinamide project on the basis of the original nicotinamide production line.


The project, which has an annual output of 300 tons of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, uses the same raw materials as the current animal feed-grade and food-grade nicotinamide production lines, but it has an independent production line for separation, purification, drying, and packaging, which is different from the normal nicotinamide production process.


Economic expert questions profitability of new nicotinamide project

However, the profit that cosmetic grade nicotinamide may bring to Red Sun is limited. According to Qinghui Song, a Chinese economic expert, there are relevant national standards for cosmetic grade nicotinamide in China, but these standards are still lax, and thus the craftsmanship and entry threshold for cosmetic grade nicotinamide are not high. Therefore, the selling price for cosmetic grade nicotinamide may be rather low.


According to a quote from Lonza, the world’s largest manufacturer of nicotinamide, cosmetic-grade nicotinamide is often sold for less than RMB100 per kilogram, while the DSM cosmetic grade nicotinamide supplied to Procter & Gamble is also RMB100 per kilogram. Therefore, if Red Sun’s annual 300-ton cosmetic-grade nicotinamide project is put into production, and the production capacity is fully utilized, then the annual revenue will be less than 30 million. After taking into account costs and market fluctuations, the net profit will be limited.


The annual report shows that in 2020, Red Sun achieved an operating income of RMB 4,201,995,200 and a net profit attributable to listed shareholders of RMB -153.8134 million.


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