Liaoning Cynda to build production capacities of various pesticide TCs 10-21-2021

Summary: On 11 Oct., 2021, the EIA report of Liaoning Cynda's 1,500 t/a Pesticide TC and 3,500 t/a Pesticide Intermediates Project was released for public comments

On 11 Oct., 2021, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Liaoning Cynda Chemial Co., Ltd. (Liaoning Cynda)'s 1,500 t/a Pesticide TC and 3,500 t/a Pesticide Intermediates Project was launched.


Overview of 1,500 t/a Pesticide TC and 3,500 t/a Pesticide Intermediates Project:

  • Project nature: New construction
  • Location: The existing factory of Liaoning Cynda in Chemical Industry Park of Huludao Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • Contruction content: One new imazethapyr workshop
  • Scheduled product and capacity:
  • 200 t/a Imazapic TC
  • 1,200 t/a Imazethapyr TC
  • 100 t/a Imazaquin TC
  • 2,000 t/a Butyronitrile (intermediate)
  • 1,500 t/a Amide (intermediate)

    Established in Dec. 2017, Liaoning Cynda, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Cynda (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shandong Cynda), is located in Chemical Industry Park of Huludao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province.


    Founded in 1998, Shandong Cynda is a state-designated pesticide production enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise, dedicated to import and export business and technology develpment. Its product portfolio includes herbicides like clethodim, clomazone and and Imidazolinones, and fungicides like dimethomorph TC.

    Two Project of Liaoning Cynda in process

  • Project of 6000 t/a TC and 10,000 Formulation (phase I )
  • Scheduled product and capacity: 3,000 t/a clethodim TC, 2,000t/a dimethomorph TC, 2,500t/a sodium methoxide, 200t/a imazamox, 400 t/a 2,4-DB TC, 100t/a oxaziclomefone TC, 50t/a pyriminobac-methyl TC, 50t/a quinotrione TC, 50 t/a flumioxazin TC, 100 t/a picolinafen TC, 50 t/a iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium, and 10,000 t/a pesticide formulations
  • The project was approved by Huludao Environmental Protection Bureau on May 21, 2018.
  • Construction progress: At present, two TC workshops are completed:
  • Clethodim workshop: 3,000 t/a clethodim TC (including formulation of hioether aldehyde, trimethyl sodium salt);
  • Dimethomorph workshop: 2,000t/a dimethomorph TC and 2,500t/a sodium methoxide.
  • Project of 5,000 t/a Clethodim TC, 10,000 t/a Sodium Sulfide, and 9,000 t/a Molten Salt (phase II)
  • The project was approved by the Huludao Environmental Protection Bureau (currently known as Huludao Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau) on 25 Nov., 2019 and is now under construction.

    It is not difficult to see that Liaoning Cynda has made consistent efforts to expand its product mix. As of 15 Oct., 2021, Liaoning Cynda has obtained 21 TC registration certificates within valid period in China of which picolinafen TC and quinotrione TC are exclusively held. In addition, Liaoning Cynda is the only Chinese enterprise holding the pesticide registration certificate of pyraflufen-ethyl TC.

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