China to have high grain yields despite continuous rain 10-25-2021

According to a survey from China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on October 20, at present, 80% of China's autumn grains have been harvested, and the recent continuous rains have had a limited impact on crop yields. Experts are certain that the total yield of Chinese autumn grains will be high.

The farmland used to grow autumn grains has increased this year compared to previous years, and the farmland area of corn, a high-yield crop, has increased significantly. The local disasters in Henan, Shaanxi, and Shanxi have been severe, but the agricultural disasters across China have been less severe than normal. Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs show that during the past 10 years, China’s average annual farmland area affected by disasters is 24 million mu. This year, the affected farmland area is about 6.7 million hectares, and the agricultural disaster this year is the lightest in the past 10 years.

China's grain is divided into summer grain, first-season rice, and autumn grain. Summer grains and first-season rice have been harvested in abundance, with a total increase of about 3.7 billion kilograms compared to last year. In addition, the yields of autumn grains are also increasing. The annual grain output is expected to hit a record high again, staying above 650 billion kilograms for seven consecutive years.

Grain harvest to become slower and more costly due to rain

Extreme weather has occurred frequently this year, and the recent rainfall in northern areas has been relatively frequent. When it comes to whether the bad weather will affect the autumn harvest and winter planting, Pan Wenbo, the Director of Planting Management Department of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, stated that the autumn rain this year has made the autumn harvest in China unusually busy. First, the continuous autumn rain has slowed down the progress of the autumn harvest. Second, the continuous autumn rain also caused an increase in the cost of autumn harvest. In the Yellow Sea area, this year's machine harvest of corn will increase in cost by between RMB 750 and RMB 1500 per hectare of land.

Despite rain, grain prices in China remain stable

Regarding whether the recent extreme weather will have an impact on the smooth operation of China’s grain and other important agricultural products markets, Tang Ke, the Director of the Department of Market and Information Technology of China's Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, said that judging from the current situation, grain prices have remained stable this year and are expected to remain so. The average price of rice, wheat, and corn in the monitored markets between January and September was RMB 2.6 per kilogram, which was only 6.2% higher than the same period last year. Grain prices have generally increased, but the increase is limited, and the increase is mainly due to the increase in corn prices.

At present, the harvest of the first-season rice in the south has reached the market, and the price has stabilized. Additionally, the wheat buying season has mostly ended, and the price of wheat has risen slightly after the National Day holiday. Corn has begun to be harvested and marketed, and with sufficient supply in the market, the price has fallen compared to earlier this year.

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