Animal husbandry company Wens's MSCI rating for ESG raised from B to BB 11-11-2021

Many listed companies have taken Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria as a key point for improving their business practices. ESG integrates environmental, social, and governance factors and measures the sustainable development capability and long-term value of an enterprise. Recently, the international authoritative index company MSCI raised the ESG rating of Wens from B to BB, becoming the first listed company in the domestic animal husbandry industry to achieve a BB rating.

MSCI is one of the most authoritative investor index companies, and the ESG ratings that it gives have become an important standard for long-term investment decisions and risk management of major investment institutions around the world. This jump in Wens's rating reflects the global capital market's full affirmation and high recognition of the company's steady operation, risk management, and long-term investment value.

According to Wens, the company has always adhered to high-level environmental, social, and corporate governance responsibilities, and the company has integrated ESG into the its strategy and production operations. Since its overall listing at the end of 2015, Wens shares have released social responsibility reports for six consecutive years, disclosing the company's actions, achievements, and future goals in terms of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Wens sets sustainable development goals to meet China's Five-Year Plan

In terms of environment, China promises to achieve a "carbon peak" by 2030 and become "carbon neutral" by 2060. The environment item in ESG includes carbon emissions and other energy-saving and emission-reduction indicators. Wens has carried out operations in rural China for more than 30 years. Knowing that clean water and mountains are the foundation of sustainable agricultural development, the company has created a green ecological breeding model, which attaches importance to the protection and sustainable use of water resources and land resources, and that actively responds to the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategies. Furthermore, the company's model includes a new pattern of sustainable development that combines planting and breeding. During China's 13th Five-Year Plan period from 2016 to 2020, the company continued to invest in environmental protection, with a cumulative investment of RMB 3.67 billion.

In terms of society, in order to comply with the developing trends of modern agriculture, the company has also upgraded its business model that integrates the company with farming communities, which has been highly recognized and supported by governments at all levels. In 2020, Wens in-depth cooperation with local governments will carry out 720 industrial poverty alleviation projects, with an investment of about RMB 537 million, which will promote the development of the local modern aquaculture industry.

Wens diversifies production and sets strict standards to reduce risk

In terms of corporate governance, Wens places great importance on risk prevention, incluing integrity and compliance, audit supervision, and anti-corruption. The company's main products are commercial broilers and commercial pigs. Other products are meat ducks, raw milk and dairy products, eggs, meat pigeons, meat geese, raw meat and its processed meat products, farming equipment, and veterinary drugs.

In the course of more than 30 years of development, the company has closely focused on the main industry of chickens and pigs, insisted on innovation, increased its competitiveness, and established a leading position in the industry step by step.

On October 28th, the company released a third quarter performance report. Data show that the company's net loss in the third quarter was RMB 7.2 billion yuan, and the net loss in the first three quarters was RMB 9.7 billion yuan. In 2020, Wens annual net profit was RMB 7.4 billion yuan, and the loss in the first three quarters of 2021 will reach nearly RMB 10 billion. The company's market value currently hovers around 100 billion yuan.

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