Yili, Mengniu, Zhuangyuan Pasture, Xiajin and Jianhe launch public campaigns against COVID-19 11-26-2021

Yili donates 700 cartons of milk and 80 boxes of milk powder in Ejinaqi, Gansu

Yili is a producer of dairy products located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Recently, Yili coordinated resources from Ningxia, mobilized its products, and delivered the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies, which included 700 cartons of milk and 80 boxes of milk powder, to the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Ejinaqi, Gansu.

As a leading enterprise in China's dairy industry, Yili has always made efforts to respond to major disasters in a timely manner. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, Yili has invested a total of RMB 280 million, of which RMB 60 million has been donated to the China Red Cross Foundation to support the development of epidemic prevention and control in the purchase of medical equipment, and the expansion of medical services in the city of Hohhot and the region of Inner Mongolia.

Mengniu donates 1800 cartons of dairy products in Ejinaqi, Gansu

Mengniu Company is a Chinese manufacturing and distribution company of dairy products and ice cream located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Recently, Mengniu and the Inner Mongolia Red Cross have allocated 1,800 cartons of pure milk and yogurt for Ejinaqi, Gansu in order to provide adequate nutritional support for stranded tourists and epidemic treatment personnel. Since its establishment, Mengniu has made efforts to commit to public welfare. The company has formulated an effective emergency and rapid decision-making mechanism and has often donated its products to various emergency response operations and social welfare undertakings.

Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture donated about 2000 cartons of dairy products in Gansu

Lanzhou Zhangyuan Pasture is a dairy company located in Lanzhou, Gansu. Recently, Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture has taken advantage of its logistics distribution system and robust dairy product supply chains, and it has donated more than 2,000 cartons of dairy products to the duty stations of the expressway intersections of cities and prefectures in Gansu province. Furthermore, the company has made donations to the COVID-19 testing points in Lanzhou through the Red Cross of Gansu Province.

As an important holding subsidiary of Gansu Nongken, a provincial state-owned enterprise, and a key dairy product supply company, since the outbreak of the pandemic, Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture has taken measures for the control and prevention of COVID-19 and to increase the stable supply of dairy products in Gansu province.

New Hope Dairy donates 8000 cartons of milk in Ningxia

New Hope Dairy is a dairy company located in Chengdu, Sichuan. Recently, in the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, New Hope Dairy swiftly has allocated materials to the front lines of the anti-epidemic personnel through the China Red Cross Foundation. Three large trucks carrying 8,000 cartons of milk delivered products to anti-epidemic front-line work points in Yinchuan City, Wuzhong City, Qingtongxia City to provide logistical support for front-line personnel in the fight against COVID-19.

For a long time, New Hope Dairy has carefully crafted its public image and has taken upon itself a sense of social responsibility. The company has contributed to the previous fight against the pandemic and the heavy rain disaster in Henan.

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