EIA of Dadi Corn's upgrading project of 600,000 tonnes per year corn starch accepted 12-23-2021

Summary: The EIA report of Yishui Dadi Corn's technology upgrading project of 600,000 t/a corn starch was accepted by the local government. Once the project is completed, the company's corn processing capacity will increase to 850,000 t/a and corn starch capacity to 600,000 t/a up by  450,000 t/a .

On 11 Nov., the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau in Yishui County, Linyi City publicised the acceptance of Yishui Dadi Corn Developing Co., Ltd. (Dadi Corn)'s EIA report of technology upgrading project of 600,000 t/a corn starch for public opinions. 

Project backgroundThe existing starch production lines of Dadi Corn were built in 1994, which have been more than 30 years since then. With factories being outdated and starch production lines having technical problems, Dadi Corn launched the technology upgrading project of 600,000 t/a corn starch, intending to reconstruct and expand its corn starch production lines. 

Project overview

  • Project nature: Reconstruction and expansion
  • Location: Yishui County, Linyi City, Shandong Province
  • Total investment: USD33.60 million (RMB214million), of which USD47,100 (RMB300,000) for environmental protection, accounting for 0.14% of the total investment
  • Major raw materials: 850,000 tonnes of corn per year
  • Construction content: 
  • Eliminate the outdated equipment and introduce new, efficient and energy-saving equipment with high degree of automation which can reduce energy consumption per unit; dismantle and renovate old workshops and build some standardised ones; make the layout of all sections more centralised and scientific and connect all sections more closely by re-arranging production lines;
  • Cancel oil extraction process for corn germ while maintain other processes;
  • Upgrade treatment technique of waste gas from the corn starch drying process and add one 20-meter exhaust gas chimney;
  • Increase productivity and production scale.
  • Construction period: 5 months
  • Additional labor quota: 40 people
  • Working system: three shifts for 360 working days per year

Table Production capacity before and after the reconstruction
Product Capacity, t/a
Before After
Corn starch 450,000 600,000
Corn gluten meal and other by-products 170,000 235,000
Maltose 200,000 200,000
Glucose 9,000 9,000
Maltodextrin 70,000 70,000

Source: Dadi Corn & CCM

Dadi Corn, established in 1999, a subsidiary of Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd., is a medium-sized company mainly engaging in corn deep processing. 


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