Tianjin Jiali Animal Husbandry moves cattle to new dairy farm in Wuwei, Gansu 01-11-2022

The first group of 5,000 dairy cows from Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tianjin Food Group, travelled from Tianjin to Wuwei City in Gansu Province on November 28. These cows arrived at Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry's high-quality dairy farm in the Liangzhou District of Wuwei City. The relocation of these cows to the dairy farm in Wuwei City is part of an effort to alleviate poverty and revitalize industry in rural areas of China.

In July 2021, Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuwei City for the construction of a high-quality dairy farm. The base is located in Dengmaying Lake area, Nanhu Township, Liangzhou District, with a total investment of RMB 1 billion, a total construction area of approximately 450 thousand square meters, and a capacity of 16,000 dairy cows. In order to ensure the quality of dairy cows, the agreement stipulates that all the dairy cows in the farm will come from Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry.

Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry's milk exceeds both Chinese and EU standards

Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Food Group, with a total of more than 1,300 employees. Jialihe has a history of over sixty years of cattle breeding, and the company has always insisted on using its own stock of cattle for breeding. In the 1970s, the company was the first to build a bull breeding center in China, and all the dairy cows on hand were bred using the company's cows. At present, Jialihe Animal Husbandry has under its jurisdiction 17 dairy farms and 1 seed company, with 38,000 dairy cows. It occupies three of the top twelve dairy farms in China with an average annual sales volume of 221,000 tons of milk produced from adult cows. The company's raw milk exceeds both China's standards EU standards at all indicators.

Tianijn Jialihe Animal Husbandry's new farm will stimulate Wuwei economy

The first group of 5,000 cows moved from Tianjin to Gansu was part of an effort to complete this agreement between Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry and Wuwei City. The dairy farm in Wuwei City has already begun to hire employees, who tag the cows' ears, as well as unload, count, drive, and feed the cattle.

It is reported that after the completion of the new dairy farm, the annual output of high-quality fresh milk will reach over 100 thousand tons, with an annual output value of up to RMB 460 million. This will increase the production capacity of local dairy processing plants and indirectly create tax revenue of RMB 12 million each year and create over 300 job opportunities. At the same time, the dairy farm can consume over 3000 hectares of whole corn from surrounding farmers every year, as well as over 1300 hectares of corn stalks, which will increase the income and reduce the labor burden of local farmers. The cow manure from the dairy farm will be composted and used to improve the arability of desert land, which will improve the local environment.

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