Second-time EIA report publication of Donghui Biomedical's vitamin D3 project 02-09-2022

Summary: During 27 Dec., 2021–10 Jan., 2022, the EIA report of Donghui Biomedical's vitamin D3 project was publicised for the second time

During 27 Dec., 2021–10 Jan., 2022, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Fujian Donghui Biomedical Co., Ltd. (Donghui Biomedical)'s vitamin D3 project was publicised for the second time. On Aug. 2021, the project was put on record and meanwhile its EIA report was issued for the first time. 

Project overview

  • Total investment: USD20.38 million (RMB130 million), of which USD1.12 million (RMB7.16 million) are for environmental protection
  • Note: total investment of the first EIA publicity is USD23.51 million (RMB150 million).
  • Project type: New construction
  • Location: At the plant of Fujian Wanke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Jishan Industrial Park, Jiangle County, Sanming City, Fujian Province
  • Floor area: 33,000 m2
  • Project content: Build two production workshops, a vitamin D3 production line, two warehouses, tank farm and other ancillary facilities
  • Product scheme: consume 42 t/a cholesterol to produce 1,000 t/a feed-grade vitamin D3 
  • Working system: 50 employees working for 330 days per year

    Production process

    Vitamin D3 was prepared by taking cholesterol as raw material, adding acetic anhydride, triethylamine and p-toluenesulfonyl hydrazide for reaction and following five steps of acylation, ketonization, hydrazonation, hydrazonation removal & saponification and photocatalysis.

Vitamin D3 is a kind of important vitamins for normal growth, development and reproduction of livestock. According to market research, annual demand of vitamin D3 powder in China can reach 9,000 tonnes, while annual production capacity is less than 1,300 tonnes. And some experts believe that vitamin D3 products in China can form an annual sales scale of at least USD15.68 billion (RMB100 billion), while current vitamin D3 industry scale is less than USD0.47 billion (RMB3 billion). Therefore, at least 1–5 vitamin D3 enterprises above designated scale can be added in China. In addition, vitamin D3 project is a high-tech project with fast growth, high rate of return, long life cycle of products and strong ability to export.


The project adopts chemical process to produce vitamin feed additive with little water consumed and discharged, and small environmental risk for surface water, which is in line with the industrial development orientation of Jishan Industrial Park. According to General Plan of Jiangle Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province, Jishan Industrial Park can moderately develop fine chemical industry and other industries encouraged by the state, and with water environment constraints and low environmental risks.


Donghui Biomedical and Wanke Pharmaceutical are affiliated enterprises under the same legal person. Established on 9 Oct., 2020, Donghui Biomedical mainly engages in manufacturing & sales of special chemical products, and R&D of bio-based material technology etc. Founded on 9 March, 2011, Wanke Pharmaceutical specializes in R&D and production & sales of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates of geriatric diseases, anti-virus and anti-cancer etc. Wanke Pharmaceutical was reorganized since 2019 and became the shareholder of Donghui Biomedical in 2020, whose plant was set up production lines of vitamin, medical contrast media etc. by Donghui Biomedical.


According to Donghui Biomedical, construction of the plant of Wanke Pharmaceutical includes three phases, and the 1stphase has been completed. In 2020, Wanke pharmaceutical became the shareholder of Donghui Biomedical with land and plant. And Donghui Biomedical is responsible for construction of the 2nd and 3rd phases, and the vitamin D3 project is one of the construction contents of the 2nd phase.

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