Jinhe Biotechnology's projects of 5,000t per year premium erythritol project for industrial chain extension 03-11-2022

Summary: On 14 Feb., the EIA of Jinhe Biotechnology's 15,000 t/a premium erythritol project for industrial chain extension was publicised. Besides, a report on the water and soil conservation design of Starlight So True's 50,000 t/a functional sugar (sugar alcohol) project was publicised on 10 Jan.

On 14 Feb., 2022, the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of Jinhe Biotechnology Co, Ltd. (Jinhe Biotechnology)'s 15,000 t/a premium erythritol project for industrial chain extension was publicised for public reviews and comments. This project was registered on 13 Jan., 2022.


In 2018, Jinhe Biotechnology has established a 150,000 t/a production capacity of liquid glucose through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Inner Mongolia Jinhe Starch Co., Ltd. (Jinhe Starch). However, Jinhe Biotechnology's revenue fell in 2020–2021:

  • The coronavirus pandemic dampened downstream's mood.
  • Meanwhile, production costs went up sharply, mainly boosted by a significant price increase of corn, key raw material.
  • Selling prices of products were raised along with the growth of cost. This has impaired revenues from starch and by-products to a certain extent.

    To upgrade its production and diversify product portfolio, Jinhe Biotechnology plans to expand its operation of corn—starch—liquid glucose to lower reach with the support of its constructed production lines and a relatively small amount of investment, in this case, for the new  capacity of erythritol that will bring in higher profits.


    Overview of Jinhe Biotechnology's premium erythritol project for industrial chain extension:

  • Construction nature: New construction
  • Location: Togtoh Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Total investment: USD18.87 million (RMB120 million), of which USD4.76 million (RMB30.25 million) is for environmental protection purposes
  • Production capacity: 15,000 t/a of premium erythritol
  • Consumption of raw material: 28,650 t/a of 60% liquid glucose provided by Jinhe Starch
  • Construction content: Fermentation workshop, fermentation workshop for erythritol, extraction workshop for erythritol, warehouse, laboratory
  • Labour quota: 100 employees
  • Working system: Three shifts, 333 working days annually

    Founded in 2003 with a registered capital of USD29.88 million (RMB190 million), Jinhe Starch engages in the production and sale of corn starch, starch milk, corn germ, corn gluten meal, corn bran, sprayed corn bran, corn steep liquor, liquid glucose, crystalline glucose, fructose, maltose, the deep-processing products of corn starch, modified starch and its deep-processing products.

On 10 Jan. 2022, the report on the water and soil conservation design of 50,000 t/a functional sugar (sugar alcohol) project of Shandong Starlight So True Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Starlight So True), was publicised. The project EIA was first publicised on 9 Aug., 2021, and the second-time publicity was made later on 25 Nov.


Overview of Starlight So True's functional sugar (sugar alcohol) project:

  • Construction nature: New construction
  • Location: Leling City Economic and Technological Development Zone, Leling City (county-level), Dezhou City, Shandong Province
  • Total investment: USD47.95 million (RMB304.86 million), of which USD28.77 million (RMB182.92 million) is for civil work
  • Site area & total floor area: 65,547.00 m2 & 44,014.02 m2
  • Construction content: 1 production workshop for functional sugar, acid-alkali tanks, neutralisation tanks, and other supporting facilities including reservation workshop, overhaul workshop, etc. in the established construction located at the Starlight Industrial Park. No works of demolition, relocation or expansion are on agenda.
  • Production capacity: 50,000 t/a of functional sugar (sugar alcohol)
  • 10,000 t/a of galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS)
  • 10,000 t/a of isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO)
  • 30,000 t/a of erythritol
  • Construction period: 11 months from Aug. 2021 to June 2022 (scheduled)


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