Progress of three corn deep-processing projects 07-15-2022

Summary: The environmental protection acceptance report for completion of Fuyu Yihai-Kerry's 1 million t/a corn deep-processing project (Phase I) was publicised on 20 June; as for Henan Jinyufeng's grand health bio-industry park project, the roof of the warehouse has been constructed; in terms of NCPC's Bio-fermentation Base (Phase I), the test run of the steam system and the circulating water system in power workshop has completed.

On 20 June, the environmental protection acceptance report for completion of Yihai Kerry (Fuyu) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Fuyu Yihai-Kerry)'s 1 million t/a corn deep-processing project (Phase I) was publicised. This project passed the environmental impact assessment (EIA) in June 2019 and started construction in Sept. of the same year. In Oct. 2021, Fuyu Yihai-Kerry put this project into production.


Overview of Fuyu Yihai-Kerry's project:

  • Construction nature: New construction
  • Location: Taha Comprehensive Industrial Park, Fuyu Economic Development Zone, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province
  • Site area: 993,659 m2
  • Total investment: USD271.56 million (RMB1.8 billion), of which USD12.12 million (RMB80.78 million) for environmental protection purposes, accounting for 4.46%.
  • Product scheme:
  • Corn starch (693,000 t/a)
  • By-product: corn gluten meal (49,190 t/a) & sprayed corn bran (127,360 t/a)
  • Processing capacity: Processing 1 million t/a of corn
  • Labour quota: 484 employees
  • Acceptance content: Corn cleaning workshop, starch production workshop, packaging workshop, production complex, warehouses, office buildings, etc. (This acceptance excludes corn oil production facilities which have not finished construction as of yet, so the acceptance for those will be conducted separately.)
    • In addition, Fuyu Yihai-Kerry's 210,000 t/a monosodium glutamate (MSG) resumed construction on 7 April. The investment of this project totalled USD210.05 million (RMB1.4billion). Upon completion, this MSG project is able to produce approximately 300,000 t/a of corn starch, 210,000 t/a of MSG, 26,500 t/a of bacterial protein, 189,100 t/a of compound fertiliser and 10,800 t/a of sugar residue.

    According to Inner Mongolia Daily on June 20th, Henan Jinyufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Henan Jinyufeng) and North ChinaPharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (NCPC) are steadily carrying out their corn deep processing projects in Kailu County, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. 


    Henan Jinyufeng's grand health bio-industry park project

    • Total investment: USD1.8 billion (RMB12 billion)
    • Construction content: To build production lines for 2.4 million t/a corn starch; 200,000 t/a of glucose; 100,000 t/a of maltodextrin; 100,000 t/a of sorbitol; 500 t/a of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), 100,000 t/a of corn germ oil and other products (one production line for each of the products)
    • Progress: The warehouse has been covered with a roof and is undergoing interior decoration.
      • NCPC's Bio-fermentation Base project (Phase I)

      • Total investment: USD0.25 billion (RMB1.69 billion).
      • Construction content:
      • Phase I: To build production line(s) for 10,000 t/a solid nutrient and supporting facilities
      • Phase II: To build production lines for 20,000 t/a solid nutrient and 60,000 t/a sorbitol and supporting facilities and supporting power plant.
      • Progress: The test run of the steam system and the circulating water system in the power workshop, fermentation workshop and extraction workshop has been completed. Phase II of this project is now undergoing the design review.


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