Century-Light completes expansion and upgrading of modified starch production line 09-21-2022

Summary: The completion and acceptance inspection report of completed environmental protection facilities of Century-Light's expansion and upgrading project of 60,000 t/a modified starch production line was publicised in late Aug.

The completion and acceptance inspection report of completed environmental protection facilities of Weifang Century-Light Biology Science Co., Ltd. (Century-Light)'s expansion and upgrading project of 60,000 t/a modified starch production line was publicised on 22 Aug., with publication ending on 19 Sept. The environmental impact (EI) report of this project was approved in Jan. The construction of this project started in Feb. and was completed in June.


Project overview:

  • Construction nature: Expansion and retrofitting
  • Location: Changle Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province
  • Site area & floor area: 65,696 m2 & 13,031 m2
  • Total investment: USD21.88 million (RMB150.61 million), of which USD0.31 million (RMB2.11 million) for environmental protection, accounting for 1.4%
  • Product scheme: The original production line produces 30,000 t/a oxidised starch. After the expansion and upgrading, the production line will produce 60,000 t/a of modified starch.
  • Construction content: To purchase 72 sets of production equipment and close down 33 sets of equipment. The total production equipment after upgrading and expansion will be 103 sets.
  • Consumption of major raw material: 56,450 t/a of starch
  • Labour quota: 60 employees
  • Working system: Three eight-hour shifts (24-hour workday), totalling 330 working days annually
Table Production capacity of upgrading and expansion project of 60,000 t/a modified starch production line
Product Production capacity, t/a
Starch acetate 2,000
Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate 2,000
Distarch phosphate 1,000
Hydroxypropyl starch 1,000
Oxidised hydroxypropyl starch  1,000
Acetylated distarch phosphate 28,000
Acetylated distarch adipate 2,000
Acid modified starch 2,000
Oxidised starch 10,000
Sodium starch octenylsuccinate  500
Compound thickeners 500
Food-grade starch (pre-gelatinised starch) 10,000
Total 60,000

Source: Century-Light

This upgrading and expansion project has entered the production phase. Zhao Weiqiang, the general manager of Century-Light said that prior to the expansion and upgrading, the company's products were mostly industrial products, not diversified enough. The equipment was rudimentary and the company only had a production capacity of 30,000 t/a of modified starch. This project has upgraded the factories, equipment, etc., and built a new automated production line, so Century-Light is able to double its production capacity without taking up new lands. The capacity utilisation rate is higher and products have more stable quality. Products have also changed from industrial grade to food grade. At present, the modified starch produced by Century-Light is widely used in meat products, flour products, bakery products, flavourings and ready-made dishes. After this technological transformation, the production scale of Century-Light has ranked among the top 3 in the food-grade modified starch industry in China, accounting for 10% of the domestic market share. Zhao Weiqiang added that considering the rapid development of the bakery industry, the flavouring industry and the flour product industry, the company will continue to expand its production capacity by more than twice as much next year.


According to the China Starch Industry Association (CSIA), China consumed 2.32 million tonnes of modified starch in 2021, up by 8% compared to a year earlier. In 2021, the food industry's demand for modified starch increased slightly, with a consumption volume rising 16.3% compared with 399,000 tonnes in 2020 to 464,000 tonnes, which accounted for 20% of the total consumption of modified starch. In 2022, the demand for modified starch increased at a slower pace due to the COVID pandemic, but the use of modified starch in food rose steadily. 


Besides, in terms of Century-Light's technology innovation centre project, the company has constructed the main structure of the second and the third stories of the technology innovation centre. This centre can not only boost the company's scientific innovation but also bolster the high-quality development of the company by improving the technology and equipment to enhance its core competitiveness.


More information can be found at CCM Corn Products China Monthly Report.

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