Tianxin Pharma to upgrade vitamin H production line with intelligent technologies 11-11-2022

Summary: The pre-approval publication of EI report of Tianxin Pharma's "renovation project of vitamin H production line (by introducing intelligent technologies)" was recently made by the Ecological Environment Bureau of Jingdezhen City.

During the period from 22 Sept. to 10 Oct., the pre-approval publication of Environment Impact (EI) report of "renovation project of vitamin H production line (by introducing intelligent technologies)" was made by the Ecological Environment Bureau of Jingdezhen City; this project will be undertaken by Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Tianxin Pharma).

Project overview

  • Total investment: USD12.11 million (RMB86.00 million);
  • Investment for environmental protection purposes: USD63,387 (RMB450,000)
  • Type of project: Reconstruction and expansion
  • Construction site location: Leping Industrial Park Area, Leping City, Jiangxi Province
  • Construction details:
  • The company's existing production lines for vitamin H (90 t/a) and its intermediates will be upgraded, by introducing intelligent technologies.
  • New production workshop(s) will be built and equipped with central control equipment, plus automated equipment.
  • The production capacity for vitamin H will be increased by 210 t/a.
  • As for warehouses, public facilities, and facilities for environmental protection purposes, this project will utilise the existing ones.
  • Product scheme
  • Main product: 300 t/a for vitamin H (Specs: 98.5%–100%), for sale
  • By-products: 4,398.56 t/a for sodium chloride, 623.03 t/a for magnesium chloride, 53.88 t/a for calcium sulfate
  • Construction schedule: This project is scheduled to be put into production in 2023.
  • Number of budgeted posts: 203
  • Number of annual working days: 300

    This project, which features upgrading the production lines with intelligent technologies, is implemented for the purpose of complying with National Medical Products Administration's requirements on the production of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin H, as well as the authorities' increasingly stringent requirements on safe production and environmental protection. After this project is completed, the production of the company's production lines for vitamin H and its intermediates will be operated from the central control room; the production lines will be equipped with intelligent technologies, thus becoming more intelligent; the utilisation rates of raw and auxiliary materials will be lifted; the volume of "three wastes" (waste gas, waste water, and waste residue) generated will be lowered; cleaner production indexes will be improved to a certain extent.

Tianxin Pharma's products mainly include vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin H, etc. Tianxin Pharma's performance results for H1 2022 were unsatisfactory; its operating revenue and net profit attributable to equity holders for H1 2022 dropped by 2.05% and 4.40% year on year respectively, which is attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as fluctuations in the prices of vitamin products and raw materials.

With the aim of promoting its business performance, Tianxin Pharma has taken moves involving two respects. Firstly, the company initiated this renovation project to upgrade its production lines with intelligent technologies, so that production costs can be lowered and economic benefits can be boosted. Secondly, the company expanded existing production capacity and brought new products to its product bank, which centres around the vitamin industrial chain.

Projects to expand production capacityIn Aug., 2022, those two projects of Tianxin Pharma completed the self-conducted post-completion environmental protection inspection:

  • "Renovation project of production line for vitamin B1 (by introducing intelligent technologies)" (improving the capacity from 4,000 t/a to 7,000 t/a)
  • "Expansion project of 2,000 t/a acetamidine hydrochloride, 4,500 t/a α-acetyl-γ-butyrolactone (ABL), and 30,000 t/a sodium methanolate"
  • Projects to introduce new products

  • In April, 2021, the self-conducted post-completion environmental protection inspection on "project of 45 t/a vitamin D3 and 300 t/a L-Ascorbyl 6-palmitate" was completed.
  • In June, 2021, the EI report of "project of 1,000 t/a vitamin A, 7,000 t/a vitamin B5, 350 t/a cholesterol, and 6 t/a 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3" was approved by the local environmental authority.
Table Tianxin Pharma's production capacities for main vitamin products (including the ones are being built or set to be built)
Product Capacity, t/a
Completed building Being built/set to be built
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 nitrate 4,000  
Vitamin B1 hydrochloride 3,000  
Vitamin B6 6,500  
Vitamin H 90 210
Folic acid 500  
Vitamin E powder 6,000  
Vitamin D3 45  
L-Ascorbyl 6-palmitate 300  
Vitamin A   1,000
Vitamin B5   7,000
25-Hydroxyvitamin D3   6

Source: Tianxin Pharma


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