Gansu Youtaida to build capacity for multiple insecticide products 11-22-2022

Summary: In early Nov., Gansu Youtaida's EI report of the 7,000 t/a pesticides TC, 30,000 t/a pesticide formulations and 10,000 t/a O-methylisourea project was publicised. Insecticides TC planned in this project include thiodicarb, isoprocarb, fenobucarb and carbaryl.

On 7 Nov., Gansu Youtaida Agrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Gansu Youtaida)'s environmental impact (EI) report of the 7,000 t/a pesticides TC, 30,000 t/a pesticide formulations and 10,000 t/a O-methylisourea project was publicised on the website of Gansu Environmental Assessment Information Network. Gansu Youtaida plans to invest USD72.56 million (RMB523 million) in this project, which will be built in Hexipu Circular Economy Chemical Industrial Park, Yongchang County, Jinchang City, Gansu Province.


Products and designed capacity in this project:

  • Pesticides TC (7,000 t/a in total): 3,000 t/a thiodicarb TC, 1,000 t/a isoprocarb TC, 1,000 t/a fenobucarb TC, 1,000 t/a carbaryl TC and 1,000 t/a tebuthiuron TC;
  • Pesticide formulations (30,000 t/a in total):
  • 1,000 t/a thiodicarb SC, 3,500 t/a thiodicarb WP, 500 t/a thiodicarb WG;
  • 2,000 t/a cyromazine SP, 2,000 t/a cyromazine WP, 500 t/a cyromazine WG, 500 t/a cyromazine SC;
  • 10,000 t/a lime sulphur AS, 10,000 t/a lime sulphur DP;
  • Pesticide intermediate: 10,000 t/a O-methylisourea, mainly used for the synthesis of 2-methoxy-4-methyl-6-hydroxypyrimidine, which is an intermediate of organophosphorus insecticide pirimioxy-phose, and for the synthesis of an intermediate of insecticide pirimiphos-ethyl.

    The four insecticides TC proposed in this project:

  • Thiodicarb has insecticidal activity similar to that of methomyl but less in toxicity. It is widely used for the control of pests and diseases on plants such as fruit trees, cotton, vegetables and grain crops.
  • Isoprocarb is a fast-acting contact-killing and stomach-poisoning insecticide with short residual period, which is used to control pests such as rice planthoppers, rice leafhoppers, aphids, stink bugs on rice, cocoa, vegetables, sugar cane, etc. It is safe to spiders and natural enemies of planthoppers, but harmful to bees.
  • Fenobucarb has a strong contact-killing effect, along with stomach toxicity, fumigation and egg-killing effects. It is mainly used to control rice planthoppers, rice leafhoppers and rice thrips. In particular, it acts fast against rice planthoppers, Nephotettix cincticeps and rice stink bug.
  • Carbaryl is a broad-spectrum, high-efficacy and low-toxicity insecticide. It can be used for pest control on fruit, vegetables, cotton, tobacco and other economic crops. It is highly effective against cotton bollworms.

    Gansu Youtaida was established on 27 Sept. 2021. The company mainly engages in production, retailing and wholesaling of pesticides. It is worth noting that as of 16 Nov., Gansu Youtaida had not yet obtained any pesticide registration certificate.


More information can be found at CCM Insecticide China Monthly Report.

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