Shanghai Shengnong to acquire 60 percent of Shanghai Dongfeng 12-19-2022

Summary: On 2 Dec., Shanghai Shengnong released an announcement, saying that it would acquire 60% share of Shanghai Dongfeng. This acquisition is conducive to enriching Shanghai Shengnong's insecticide formulation product variety.

On 2 Dec., Shanghai Shengnong Pesticide Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Shengnong) released an announcement on a planned acquisition of 60% share in Shanghai Dongfeng Pesticide Factory Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Dongfeng), following its development strategy. Once the transaction completed, Shanghai Shengnong will take the place of Shanghai Jiayao Industrial Co., Ltd. as the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Dongfeng.


Currently, Shanghai Dongfeng holds several pesticide registration certificates for insecticide formulations and has production lines for products in different forms, such as WP, WG, SC, EC, EW, ME. The company has independently developed and designed nine production lines for DF products, of which three have been put into industrial operation. Shanghai Dongfeng has the processing capability to manufacture formulation products for domestic and foreign markets, and can ensure the product performance.


Shanghai Shengnong's existing products cover TC and formulations of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, water-soluble fertilisers, etc. It is the first pesticide producer that has obtained registrations for pyriproxyfen·imidacloprid 10% SC, carbendazim·epoxiconazole 40% SC in China, and also the first to mass produce patented product cycloxaprid (under the brand name "Wenlong"). So far Shanghai Shengnong has acquired multiple registration certificates for insecticide and hygienic insecticide products. The acquisition of Shanghai Dongfeng will help expand Shanghai Shengnong's insecticide formulation portfolio.

Table Shanghai Dongfeng's pesticide registrations, as of 5 Dec., 2022
No. Active ingredient Category Formulation Total content Expiry date
1 Acetamiprid Insecticide EC 5% 2026/2/17
2 Buprofezin Insecticide WP 25% 2025/10/15
3 Acetamiprid Acaricide SL 20% 2025/8/27
4 Metolcarb Insecticide WP 25% 2025/7/14
5 Imidacloprid·monosultap Insecticide WP 70% 2024/12/19
6 Imidacloprid Insecticide WP 25% 2024/12/19
7 Imidacloprid Insecticide WP 10% 2024/12/19
8 Imidacloprid Insecticide SL 20% 2024/12/19

Source: The Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA)

Table Shanghai Shengnong's insecticide registrations, as of 5 Dec., 2022
No. Active ingredient Category Formulation Total content Expiry date
1 Chlorfluazuron Insecticide TC 96% 2024/2/16
2 Diflubenzuron Insecticide TC 98% 2024/1/12
3 Pyriproxyfen Hygienic insecticide TC 95% 2028/2/18
4 Diethyltoluamide Hygienic insecticide TC 98% 2024/2/2
5 Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate Hygienic insecticide TC 99.50% 2024/1/12
6 Metaldehyde Insecticide/fungicide TC 99% 2023/5/9
7 Acetamiprid Insecticide SL 20% 2028/2/28
8 Emamectin benzoate·pyriproxyfen Insecticide SC 20% 2028/1/14
9 Thiamethoxam Insecticide FS 35% 2027/9/18
10 Thiamethoxam Insecticide WG 70% 2027/7/18
11 Imidacloprid·pyriproxyfen Insecticide SC 10% 2027/4/17
12 Metaldehyde Insecticide WP 80% 2027/2/6
13 Alpha-cypermethrin Insecticide EW 10% 2027/1/19
14 Cyfluthrin Hygienic insecticide DP 0.30% 2026/10/18
15 Metaldehyde Insecticide GR 6% 2026/3/23
16 Imidacloprid Insecticide WG 70% 2026/1/4
17 Chlorfenapyr·pyriproxyfen Insecticide SC 30% 2025/3/19
18 Pyriproxyfen·beta-cypermethrin Insecticide ME 10% 2024/7/15
19 Bifenthrin·thiacloprid Insecticide SC 40% 2024/7/15
20 Diflubenzuron Insecticide SC 20% 2024/3/25
21 Diethyltoluamide Hygienic insecticide RQ 15% 2024/1/16
22 Chlorpyrifos Insecticide EC 40% 2024/1/14
23 Chlorfluazuron Insecticide EC 5% 2023/11/12
24 Pyriproxyfen Insecticide EC 100g/L 2023/9/29
25 Cycloxaprid Insecticide WP 25% 2023/8/29

Source: ICAMA


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