Liquor producer Moutai’s new ice cream achieves RMB 262 million in sales during 2022 01-15-2023

Kweichow Moutai Group is a Chinese company founded in Guiyang, Guizhou on June 14. The company mainly produces a type of traditional Chinese liquor. In May 2022, Moutai Group launched three types of Moutai ice cream, co-produced by Moutai and Mengniu. The first factory for this new ice cream product was built in Guiyang, and the iMoutai e-commerce platform was launched at the same time. On December 29, the chairman of Kweichow Moutai Group, Xionghui Ding, revealed at the 2023 Moutai Ice Cream Market Work Conference that Moutai Ice Cream is expected to achieve a revenue of RMB 262 million in 2022.

Moutai Ice Cream was launched on May 29, 2022 and is mainly sold to consumers through brick-and-mortar stores and the iMoutai e-commerce platform. Moutai Ice Cream includes three flavors, with a price between RMB 59 and RMB 66 for each cup.

Moutai Ice Cream gains popularity throughout China, particularly in Guizhou

According to reports, Moutai ice cream can currently be purchased in stores across 16 provinces in China, where 19 flagship stores have been opened. Furthermore, the ice cream can be ordered on the company’s e-commerce platform in 25 provinces. A survey shows that Moutai ice cream is available in 160 cities throughout China, and around 3.4 million people have purchased and tried the ice cream. More than 400 million people are familiar with the Moutai Ice Cream brand.

The Production and operation in 2022 released by Kweichow Moutai Group shows that in 2022, the company is expected to achieve a total operating income of about RMB 127.2 billion, a YoY increase of about 16.20%. Furthermore, the company is expected to realize a net profit attributed to shareholders of listed companies of about RMB 62.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of about 19.33%.

In 2022, Moutai achieved operating income of approximately RMB 107.7 billion, an increase of approximately 15.24% compared to 2021. Furthermore, the company’s liquor products achieved an operating income of approximately RMB 15.7 billion, an increase of approximately 24.70% YoY.

According to the company’s report, Kweichow Moutai Group earned about RMB 170 million in net profit per day in 2022. Excluding wine sales, the company revenue was RMB 3.8 billion, and Moutai ice cream accounted for nearly 7% of the revenue.

An award ceremony was also held at the conference site. The "Sales Champion" of Moutai Ice Cream in 2022 was the flagship store of Moutai Ice Cream in Guiyang, which is the second flagship store opened by Moutai Ice Cream.

Moutai Group aims to build brand loyalty in young consumers

Xiongjun Ding mentioned that Moutai ice cream is the first non-alcoholic product created by Moutai and has become synonymous with Moutai’s fashionable image. Moutai ice cream is not a simple consumer product, but rather a strategic product. It is an important starting point for cultivating the Moutai-flavored taste among young consumers and promoting the rejuvenation and fashion of the Moutai brand. According to Ding, seizing young consumers means seizing the future of Moutai.

According to Moutai’s plan, the company will increase the research and development of new Moutai ice cream products, and at the same time increase overall market presence and expand more market channels.

According to the data released by the iMoutai e-commerce platform, the sales of Moutai Ice Cream have continued to boom since its launch, with daily sales exceeding RMB 1 million. The price of Moutai ice cream also spiked on other e-commerce platforms shortly after it was launched, with the price of each cup reaching between RMB 100 and RMB 240 in June 2022.

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