CNGR's FePO4 project is put into production 01-19-2023

Summary: In mid-Dec. 2022, the first 200,000 t/a FePO4 production line of CNGR was launched production, further advancing the LiFePO4 industrial park integration project.

On 15 Dec., 2022, CNGR Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (CNGR)'s first 200,000 t/a ferric phosphate (FePO4) production line in Kaiyang base in Guizhou Province was officially put into production, marking the realisation of FePO4 mass production of CNGR.


In Dec. 2021, CNGR and the People's Government of Kaiyang County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province signed the Investment Agreement of Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) Industrial Park Integration Project. The first phase project, with an investment of around USD1.40 billion (RMB10.00 billion), includes a 200,000 t/a FePO4 and LiFePO4 material production line; meanwhile, this project also contains supporting phosphorus ore-based phosphoric acid (PA) or yellow phosphorus facilities, monoammonium phosphate (MAP) equipment, and phosphorus ore mining areas to meet the needs of 200,000 t/a LiFePO4. Specifically, the 200,000 t/a FePO4 equipment includes ten FePO4 production lines, with an investment of USD0.32 billion (RMB2.30 billion).


Spokesman from CNGR introduced that the LiFePO4 industrial park integration project includes 600,000 t/a FePO4, 300,000 t/a LiFePO4, and 100,000 t/a LiFePO4 battery recovery integration production lines. When completed, the whole project will achieve output value of USD7.02 billion (RMB50.00 billion).


CNGR is a global leading enterprise of cathode material precursor. The company's Q3 2022 report showed that in Jan.–Sept. 2022, CNGR's revenues reached USD3.13 billion (RMB22.29 billion), up by 60.64% YoY. In H1 2022, the company's sales volume of ternary precursor and tricobalt tetraoxide exceeded 100,000 tonnes, with market shares hitting 26% and 25% respectively. CNGR's capacity of ternary precursor is 210,000 t/a (output in H1 2022: 88,942 tonnes), and its capacity of tricobalt tetraoxide is 30,000 t/a.


This LiFePO4 industrial park integration project will promote the future development of CNGR.


More information can be found at CCM Phosphorus China Monthly Report.

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