Qinghai unveils status of grain production in 2022 01-20-2023

Summary: In 2022, the sown areas of crops reached 577,326.67ha, rising by 9,146.67 YoY, and that of grain crops stood at 303,740 ha, up by 8,400 ha. Meanwhile, Qinghai renovated 7.733.33 ha of farmland, resumed crop production and sowing on 9,406.67 ha of farmland and construct 14,260 ha of new high-standard farmland.

On 5 Jan., Qinghai Autonomous region announced that the sown areas of crops in 2022 reached 577,326.67ha, rising by 9,146.67 YoY, and that of grain crops stood at 303,740 ha, up by 8,400 ha, hitting the highest record in recent years. In addition, the total grain yield amounted to 1.07 million tonnes, maintaining at over 1 million tonnes for 15 consecutive years. The sown areas of oil crops exceeded the task by 2,160 ha, with the total yield overtaking 300,000 tonnes. The sown areas of vegetables reached 43,333.33 ha, with the total yield surpassing 1.52 million tonnes.

In late 2022, the number of cattle and sheep was 20.35 million, with the sales volume crossing 9 million, growing by 0.35%+ and 3%+ YoY, respectively. The number of hogs reached over 700,000, with the sales volume topping 780,000, a YoY increase of 7.8%. In 2022, the production of meat products, milk and egg stood at 424,800 tonnes, 362,000 tonnes and 14,700 tonnes, posting a YoY increase of 6.58%, 2.3% and 7.3%, respectively.

In 2022, Qinghai renovated 7.733.33 ha of farmland and resumed crop production and sowing on 9,406.67 ha of farmland. exceeding the target in the standing book by 26.24% and ensuring the growth of China's grain-sown areas. Moreover, Qinghai has engineered the 14,260 ha of newly-established high-standard farmland, with the total areas of high-standard farmland hitting 305,333.33 ha, and recorded the highest sown areas of multiple crops including winter wheat, winter rape and winter garlic, compared to previous years.

In 2022, Qinghai collected 5.24 million, 14.300 and 4,200 of germplasm resources of crops, livestock and poultry and aquatic products, respectively, and nurture one enterprise listed as the national seed enterprise and the north China breeding and seed production base by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Meanwhile, Qinghai has exerted efforts to construct four conservation farms for genetic resources of livestock and poultry and a Xining-based national crop germplasm resources bank and upgrade 5 livestock breeding bases and 10 seed production bases. The rate of superior variety in the crop, dairy cow and beef and cold-water fish production has crossed 98%, 85% and 95%.

In 2022, Qinghai has funds totalling USD996 million (RMB6.75 billion), of which USD782.28 (RMB5.3 billion) were for boosting the development of the agricultural industry in the rural revitalization, 62.71% of the total, 7.71% higher than the target demanded by the central government. In addition, Qinghai has invested a total of USD218.45 million (RMB1.48 billion) in fixed assets, rising by 5.7% YoY. As of late Oct. 2022, Qinghai has implemented financial funds totalling USD1 billion (RMB6.75 billion) and allocated funds hitting USD991.23 million (RMB6.68 billion), 98.92% of the total.

In 2022, Qinghai was urged to construct 30 standardised large-scale breeding bases with the capacity of 1,000+ yak and Tibetan sheep, 50 standardised large-scale breeding and demonstration bases for poultry and livestock, 28 standardised forage grass production bases covering 66.67 ha and 4 salmon and trout variety breeding farms and cold-water breeding centres, cultivating 8 million+ triploid fry. Measures have been taken to reduce the utilisation and raise the efficiency of pesticide and chemical fertiliser on 200,000 ha of farmland and carry out joint prevention and control of pests & diseases on 200,000 ha of farmland. Therefore, the utilisation of pesticide and chemical fertiliser has diminished by 20% and 30%, respectively, with the comprehensive utilisation rate of straw in Qinghai standing at 89%. Furthermore, Qinghai has maintained the pass rate of homegrown agricultural and animal products at 98%+, cultivated 6 new crop varieties, registered 30 technology achievements in agriculture and animal husbandry, integrated 14 advanced applicable technology for ripening, applied and extended 13 technology and high-efficiency yak breeding technology and other 49 key technology.


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