Jiangxi Xinzhen puts fungicide TC production lines into trial productionnes into trial production 02-09-2023

Summary: In Jan. 2023, Jiangxi Xinzhen completed the construction of production lines for 1,000 t/a difenoconazole TC, 150 t/a uniconazole TC and 5,000 t/a tebuconazole TC and supporting facilities, and started trial production.

In Jan. 2023, Jiangxi Xinzhen Technology Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Xinzhen) completed the construction of production lines for 1,000 t/a difenoconazole TC, 150 t/a uniconazole TC and 5,000 t/a tebuconazole TC and supporting facilities, part of the company's 11,000 t/a pesticide TC and 1,000 t/a organic intermediate project (the project), and started trial production. Proposed in 2020, the project was approved on 3 Feb., 2021 for the environmental impact report by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangxi Province. In addition, the 1,000 t/a hexaconazole TC and 1,000 t/a flutriafol TC production lines of the project has been granted permission for construction, but not yet been started.


In recent years, given China's supply-side reform and vigorous environmental-protection and safety policies, the obsolete difenoconazole TC, uniconazole TC and tebuconazole TC production capacity have been phased out. Meanwhile, more newly-constructed capacities of a higher standard, like Jiangxi Xinzhen's three production lines, have been or are to be delivered, expected to shore up the production capacity and supply in China after starting production. Apart from Jiangxi Xinzhen, Inner Mongolia Benxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jilin City Green World Agrochemical Co., Ltd. also have put the 5,000 t/a and 2,000 t/a of tebuconazole TC production lines into production, respectively, in regard of the new production capacity added since 2022.


In light of the present progress of tebuconazole TC construction projects, China will see more new capacities in the coming years in the pesticide market, according to information from China Crop Protection Industry Association and relevant enterprises. Related projects are as follow:

  • Shangyu Nutrichem Co., Ltd. has expedited the expansion of 600 t/a tebuconazole TC production lines, aiming to raise the production capacity to 3,000 t/a.
  • Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co., Ltd. planned to invest and construct the 5,000 t/a tebuconazole technology transformation project;
  • Inner Mongolia Shijie Chemical Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Shangyu Xin Yinbang Biochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Huihe Chemical Co., Ltd. and Qizhou Green Chemical (Jining) Co., Ltd. planned to constructed 5,000 t/a, 220 t/a, 900 t/a and 10,000 t/a of production capacity for tebuconazole TC as the main investors, respectively.

    It is worth noting that uncertainty exists whether these proposed projects that the above enterprises invest into can be completed and put into production as wished, and the actual output rate may be affected by environment-protection and safety policies, supply of upstream raw materials, the enterprise's conditions, etc.


    Founded in Aug. 2017, Jiangxi Xinzhen, along with other pesticide enterprises including Jiangxi Tianyu Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hetian Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Ou Shi Chemical Co., Ltd., was located in Xingan County Salt Chemical Industrial Park, a province-level industrial park. In accordance with the development strategy formulated by the superior shareholders meeting, the company focuses on the production and sale of triazoles, supplemented by other pesticide products and fine chemicals. Jiangxi Xinzhen not only has built large-scale production plants in the park but also kicked off the construction of multiple projects in succession as the main part. Since foundation, via a shortcut of changing holders, the company has obtained 10 pesticide registration certificates for products including 95% difenoconazole TC, 98% tebuconazole TC, 96% paclobutrazol TC, 98% dimethomorph TC, 96% trifluralin TC, 98% flumetralim TC, 95% glufosinate TC, 96% diniconazole TC, 5% uniconazole WP and 15% paclobutrazol WP.


More information can be found at CCM Fungicide China Monthly Report.

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