Mianyang Shengshi to build capacity for VB2 03-21-2023

Summary: It was announced on 9 March that the EI report of Mianyang Shengshi's "functional food raw materials production line via biocatalyst (enzyme) preparation method, and biotechnology "incubation" platform project (Phase I)" would be approved by the local environmental authority.

On 9 March, the Ecological Environment Bureau of Mianyang City announced that the Environmental Impact (EI) report of "functional food raw materials production line via biocatalyst (enzyme) preparation method, and biotechnology "incubation" platform project (Phase I)", submitted by Mianyang Shengshi Health Technology Co., Ltd. (Mianyang Shengshi), would be approved. The EI report was also being publicised until 16 March.

Project overview

  • Total investment: USD15.85 million (RMB110.00 million)
  • Investment for environmental protection purposes: USD1.13 million (RMB7.84 million)
  • Source of funds: Raised by the company itself
  • Type of project: New construction
  • Construction site location: Yongchang Town, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province
  • Site area: 45,797.94 square metres
  • Construction details: A factory building will be rented and be renovated in order to serve this project. Three production lines will be set up (The production of VB2, L-Proline, and L-Glutamine will share one of the lines.). Industrialised platform for multifunctional foods and industrialisation platform for synthetic biology and biocatalysis will be built. Most of the public and ancillary facilities, storage facilities, and environmental protection facilities will be newly built.
  • Product scheme (designed production capacity):
  • 380.4 t/a for vitamin B2
  • 2,218.8 t/a for other products (γ-Aminobutyric acid, β-Alanine, L-Serine, L-Proline, L-Glutamine, nisin, lycopene, and aspartame)
  • Technical sophistication of this project's production: Aside from totally-enclosed technique and high level of automation, the products to be produced by this project merely contain few impurities and feature high purity as well as stable performance.
  • Number of budgeted posts: 300
  • Construction period: June 2023–June 2024
  • Product scheme of vitamin B2

  • Product specifications: crystal powder, content: 98.0%–102.0%
  • Quality standard for implementation: National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) (GB14752-2010)
  • Source of bacterial strain: Purchased from suppliers, Escherichia coli will first be genetically modified by the company's laboratory and then be used in production.
  • Production mode: VB2, L-Proline, and L-Glutamine will be produced alternately on the same production line.
  • Number of annual production days: 120

Founded on 23 April, 2020, Mianyang Shengshi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shengshi Health Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shengshi Health). Shengshi Health, a nationally accredited high and new technology enterprise, specialises in the R&D, production, and sale of products as well as R&D of technologies involved in big health projects. Shengshi Health possesses a synthetic biology technological experiment platform and has established cooperation relationships with Chengdu Institute of Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Chongqing University, and Nanjing University. The company is capable of providing OEM/ODM services relating to customised processing and has several invention patents granted by national patent authority.

Shengshi Health is advancing the "Biotechnology "Incubation" Park project" at Mianyang Beichuan Industrial Park Zone; this project is constructed and implemented by Mianyang Shengshi, and is aimed at developing biological enzyme technologies used in functional nutritional food ingredients, amino acid food additives, nutritional dietary supplements, aesthetic medicine cosmetics, anti-aging pharmaceutical intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients, plus production and sale of relevant products; the project whose EI report was publicised this time is a composing part of "Biotechnology "Incubation" Park project".

The website of Shengshi Health says its products include amino acids and their derivatives. After construction is completed and it becomes fully operational, the project, whose EI report was publicised this time, will enrich the company's product lines, mark the company's new entrance into VB2 production, generate yearly output values of USD21.61 million (RMB150 million), bring in yearly sales revenues of USD22.33 million (RMB155 million), and make yearly profits of USD5.43 million (RMB37.69 million), according to Shengshi Health's estimations.


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