Inner Mongolia VTR's 20,000 t per year bio-enzyme preparations project 06-02-2023

Summary: The EI report of Inner Mongolia VTR's 20,000 t/a bio-enzyme preparations project was approved, according to an announcement publicised on 4 May.

According to an announcement publicised on 4 May, the environmental impact (EI) report of Inner Mongolia VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (Inner Mongolia VTR)'s 20,000 t/a bio-enzyme preparations project was approved.


Feed enzyme preparations are green feed additives that save grains and have increasingly wide applications in feed and aquaculture industries. They can improve digestion and directly decompose nutrients, thus promoting the growth of animals. Besides, enzyme preparations also play a unique role in solving increasingly serious problems such as food competition between humans and animals and environmental pollution in the husbandry and feed industries in China.


Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (VTR), the parent company of Inner Mongolia VTR, decided to appoint Inner Mongolia VTR to undertake this bio-enzyme preparations project which aims to catch up with its growing sales of enzyme preparations and also build a modern production base for enzyme preparations used in cleaning, paper-making, textile and food.


Project overview:

  • Construction nature: Expansion and retrofitting
  • Location: Togtoh Industrial Park, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Total investment: USD38.73 million (RMB267.44 million), of which USD1.81 million (RMB12.50 million) for environmental protection, accounting for 4.67 %
  • Site area: 66,672.74 m2
  • Construction content: To build a fermentation and refining workshop, a feed enzymes workshop, a utilities and supporting facilities workshop, a water production facility, a wastewater tank, etc.
  • Product scheme:
  • Main product:
  • 2,000 t/a of glucoamylase (activity: 300,000 μ/g)
  • 2,000 t/a of glucoamylase (activity: 100,000 μ/g)
  • 2,000 t/a of amylase
  • 4,000 t/a of glucose oxidase
  • 3,000 t/a of protease
  • 3,000 t/a of cellulase
  • 2,000 t/a of catalase
  • 2,000 t/a of calcium propionate
  • By-product:
  • Feed enzymes (10,177 t/a)
  • Consumption of main raw materials:
  • 15,967 t/a of corn starch
  • 26,010 t/a of glucose syrup
  • 26,010 t/a of corn steep liquor
  • 1,332 t/a of hydrochloric acid
  • 5,994 t/a of 22% ammonia solution
  • Production process: The main raw materials are made into liquid culture medium inoculated with microorganisms. The metabolic activities of microorganisms are controlled by controlling the growth environment of microorganisms, so as to increase the amount of microorganisms and synthesise the needed enzymes. Then the resulting materials obtained after fermentation are converted into fermented products.
  • Additional labour quota: 76 employees
  • Working system: Two 12h shifts per 24h workday, totalling 333 working days a year; 8,000 production hours a year
  • Construction period: Oct. 2022–May 2024
  • Economic benefits: This project is expected to generate USD46.83 million (RMB323.38 million) in sales revenue and USD8.69 million (RMB59.98 million) in profit per year on average and have a return on investment (ROI) of 22.43%.

    Inner Mongolia VTR was established in 2008 with a registered capital of RMB10 million. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company VTR. It produces enzyme preparations such as feed-grade phytase, feed-grade xylanase and feed-grade mannosidase by the fermentation of microbial liquid. Inner Mongolia VTR now has three enzyme preparations projects, the 20,000 t/a enzyme preparations project which is constructed over two phases, the 500 t/a liquid enzyme preparations project and the 5,000 t/a solid enzyme preparations project, totalling a capacity of 25,500 t/a.


    VTR focuses on three main businesses: biological enzyme preparations, active natural products, animal nutrition and health. While Inner Mongolia VTR engages in the capacity expansion, technological innovation and commercialisation of the achievements regarding the food and industrial bio-enzyme preparations. This bio-enzyme preparations project not only increases the production capacity of bio-enzyme preparations to further meet future demand but also improves innovation capability, product quality and profitability.

Table Inner Mongolia VTR's current production capacity
Project Product Production capacity, t/a
20,000 t/a of enzyme preparations project Phase I Feed-grade phytase 6,000
Feed-grade xylanase 1,200
Feed-grade mannosidase 800
Phase II Feed-grade phytase 9,000
Feed-grade xylanase 1,800
Feed-grade mannosidase 1,200
500 t/a of liquid enzyme preparations project Liquid glucoamylase 200
Liquid xylanase 150
Liquid cellulase 100
Liquid lipase 25
Liquid acid protease 25
5,000 t/a of solid enzyme preparations project Feed-grade phytase 4,000
Tryptophan 1,000

Source: Inner Mongolia VTR

Table Inner Mongolia VTR's sales, output and inventory in 2022
Industry Item 2022 2021 YoY change
Steroid hormone active pharmaceutical ingredients Sales, tonne 313.95 461.11 -31.91%
Output, tonne 291.25 282.38 3.14%
Inventory, tonne 0.00 161.6 -100.00%
Bio-enzyme preparations Sales, tonne 45,891.04 40,638.20 12.93%
Output, tonne 45,995.26 41,502.44 10.83%
Inventory, tonne 3,811.66 3,710.58 2.72%
Functional feed additives Sales, tonne 4,645.87 6,297.79 -26.23%
Output, tonne 4,576.85 6,422.00 -28.73%
Inventory, tonne 339.41 408.43 -16.90%
Other industries Sales, tonne 170.55 231.65 -26.38%
Output, tonne 229.65 219.05 4.84%
Inventory, tonne 82.48 49.16 67.78%

Source: Inner Mongolia VTR


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