Progress of TiO2 enterprises' new energy projects 06-12-2023

Summary: As of May 2023, several TiO2 enterprises like LB Group and CNNC TD have revealed the progress of relevant new energy projects.

In recent years, many titanium dioxide (TiO2) enterprises including LB Group Co., Ltd. (LB Group), CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. (CNNC TD), Yibin Tianyuan Group Co., Ltd. (Yibin Tianyuan), Guangdong Huiyun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Huiyun Titanium), Gpro Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Gpro Titanium), and Anhui Annada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Anhui Annada) have stepped into new energy sector by utilising their own advantages. The process of producing TiO2 can generate the by-product ferrous sulphate (FeSO4), the raw material for ferric phosphate (FePO4), which can be further used to produce lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4). As one kind of cathode materials, LiFePO4 is applied to various fields, such as automobiles, energy storage, and marine vessels, and has become one of the most promising cathode materials these days. As of May 2023, several TiO2 enterprises have disclosed the progress of relevant new energy projects.

Table Progress of some new energy projects of TiO2 enterprises as of May 2023
No. Company Project New energy product location Project status Note
1 Henan Billions New Energy Material Co., Ltd. 300,000 t/a li-ion battery material green manufacturing project 300,000 t/a li-ion battery grade FePO4 Western Industrial Park of Jiaozuo City Industrial Zone, Henan Province. The environmental information of this project was publicised on 15 May, 2023 for the first time. The company is a holding subsidiary of LB Group.
2 New or existing subsidiary of Yibin Tianyuan 100,000 t/a LiFePO4 cathode material project 100,000 t/a LiFePO4 Nanxi District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province Yibin Tianyuan announced on 29 April, 2023 that it planned to set up a subsidiary to construct this project. /
3 Gansu Dongfang Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. 500,000 t/a LiFePO4 project (phase I) 100,000 t/a FePO4 High-tech Industrial Development Zone Yindong Industrial Park, Baiyin City, Gansu Province CNNC TD said on 21 April, 2023 that this project has started commissioning. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNNC TD.
4 Huiyun Titanium FeSO4 comprehensive utilisation R&D pilot line project 15,000 t/a FePO4 Liudu Village, Liudu Town, Yunan District, Yunfu City Huiyun Titanium announced on 21 April that this project obtained environmental approval. /
5 Anhui Gpro New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. Gpro new energy battery material integration project (phase I) 100,000 t/a FePO4, 50,000 t/a LiFePO4 Anhui (Huaibei) New Coal Chemical Synthetic Material Base Gpro Titanium said on 17 March, 2023 that this project has been advanced as schedule and it is predicted to be put into production in late 2023. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gpro Titanium.
6 Tongling Anxuanda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 50,000 t/a high-performance FePO4 project 50,000 t/a FePO4 The plant site of Anhui Annada Anhui Annada said on 31 March, 2023 that this project has been under smooth construction and it is estimated to be completed no later than Q3 2023. The company is a joint venture of Anhui Annada's holding subsidiary.

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