Limin Chemical to construct 12,600 t per year pesticide TC technological transformation project 07-24-2023

Summary: Limin Group proposes to invest on its subsidiary Limin Chemical's 12,600 t/a high-effeiciency and low-toxicity pesticide expansion project, including for 1,100 t/a difenoconazole TC, 5,000 t/a Fosetyl-Na AS, 2,000 t/a amobam AS, 500 t/a tembotrione TC, 1,000 t/a mesotrione TC, 3,000 t/a zineb TC and series by-products.

In July 2023, the 12,600 t/a pesticide TC technology renovation project of Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. (Limin Chemical), a subsidiary of Limin Group Co., Ltd. (Limin Group), passed the expert review, which intends to broaden the advantageous product variety with lower production cost and higher quality, and strengthen product competitiveness and increase profit.


The project involves crop protection products including 1,100 t/a difenoconazole TC, 5,000 t/a fosetyl-Na AS, 2,000 t/a amobam AS, 500 t/a tembotrione TC, 1,000 t/a mesotrione TC, 3,000 t/a zineb TC and by-products. Among them, difenoconazole is a highly efficient triazole fungicide with broad spectrum, low toxicity and low dosage. On 28 Nov., 2022, Limin Chemical obtained the independent registration of difenoconazole TC in Brazil, the world's second-largest market for the product, where difenoconazole is mainly used on soybean and cotton.


In addition, Limin Group's another technological transformation project of 12,000 t/a fosetyl-Al TC, also run by Limin Chemical, entered trial production on 20 April, 2022, with an investment of USD31.87 million (RMB230 million). Fosetyl-Al is a systemic and novel anti-infection fungicide with high efficiency and broad spectrum. Enjoying strong market demand and huge growth potential in recent years, this high-end fungicide is mainly used on wine grapes. The project will help the company expand the scale of superior products, improve product quality and reduce production costs.


On 4 Sept., 2019, Limin Chemical was established in Xinyi Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of USD13.86 million (RMB100 million). The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sale of pesticide TC and formulations. Its products including EBDC, cymoxanil, fosetyl-Al, pyrimethanil, metam-sodium, difenoconazole, mesotrione and thiacloprid hold a leading sales scale in the industry in China. As a high-tech enterprise, Limin Chemical has been focusing on technological innovation and production process optimisation. It boasts 92 state-authorised patents (29 invention patents and 63 utility model patents). Moreover, the company has undertaken and accomplished multiple provincial science and technological projects and key research projects.


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