Kexin Chemical's fluorine-enriched inorganic salt project(phase I) 09-01-2023

Summary: In late July 2023, the environmental information of the fluorine-enriched inorganic salt project (phase I) of Kexin Chemical was publicised for the second time.

On 29 July, 2023, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Ecological Environment Protection Industry Association disclosed the environmental impact assessment information of the high-quality fluorine-enriched inorganic salt project (phase I) of Xinjiang Kexin Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. (Kexin Chemical) for the second time.


Kexin Chemical is a subsidiary of Xinfa Group Co., Ltd. (Xinfa Group). With the development of electrolytic aluminium industry, demand for aluminium fluoride (AlF3) as additive also becomes harsher to ensure the quality of electrolytic aluminium and reduction of energy consumption. Anhydrous AlF3 can substantially increase the yield of electrolytic aluminium for its features including high content, coarse granularity, high volume weight, and low impurity. Thus, Kexin Chemical planned to utilise the fluorite resources in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and use the aluminium hydroxide produced by Xinfa Group as raw materials to produce anhydrous AlF3 for the electrolytic aluminium production lines of Xinfa Group.


The whole project contains seven subprojects, namely the projects of 300,000 t/a ultrapure anhydrous AlF3, 300,000 t/a ultrapure anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF), 800,000 t/a pyrite-based sulphuric acid, 100,000 t/a electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, 30,000 t/a lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6), 300,000 t/a sulphuric acid and joint product of building materials by using fluorogypsum, and hexafluorosilicic acid comprehensive utilisation. This project is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I: Two production lines of 60,000 t/a ultrapure AHF and three production lines of 50,000 t/a ultrapure anhydrous AlF3;
  • Phase II: 150,000 t/a ultrapure anhydrous AlF3, 180,000 t/a ultrapure AHF, 400,000 t/a pyrite-based sulphuric acid, 50,000 t/a electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, 15,000 t/a LiPF6, and 20,000 t/a hexafluorosilicic acid deep processing;
  • Phase III: 50,000 t/a electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, 15,000 t/a LiPF6, 300,000 t/a sulphuric acid and joint product of building materials by using fluorogypsum and hexafluorosilicic acid comprehensive utilisation, and 20,000 t/a hexafluorosilicic acid deep processing.

    Details of the phase I project:

  • Location: Yilahu Circular Economy Industrial Park, Tuokexun County, Tulufan City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • Site area: 200,000 m2
  • Construction period: The project is predicted to start construction in Oct. 2023 and to be put into production in Aug. 2024
  • Investment: Total investment is USD308.63 million (RMB2.20 billion), of which USD14.11 million (RMB100.60 million) is environmental investment, accounting for 4.57% of the total


More information can be found at CCM Fluoride Materials China Monthly Report.

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