Yunliu Mining's refined wet-process phosphoric acid (PA) project to be put into production 09-15-2023

Summary: In early Sept. 2023, Yunliu Mining planned to increase capital in Yunliu New Material for the implementation of the 100,000 t/a refined wet-process PA project.

Guangxi Yuegui Guangye Holdings Co., Ltd. (Yuegui Holdings) announced on 5 Sept., 2023 that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong Guangye Yunliu Mining Industry Co., Ltd. (Yunliu Mining) intended to sign an agreement with Yunfu Guangye Pyrite Group Co., Ltd. on investing USD15.32 million (RMB110.00 million) in Guangdong Yunliu Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Yunliu New Material) through transferring 52.38% shares.


Yunliu Mining's capital increase in Yunliu New Material enables it to effectively use the land of Yunliu New Material for the construction of the 100,000 t/a refined wet-process phosphoric acid (PA) project, which is predicted to begin construction in late Sept. 2023.


This project will build devices of PA, wet-process PA purification, sodium fluorosilicate, water soluble fertiliser, flame retardant, cement retarder, and other supporting facilities. The designed capacity of this project includes 60,500 t/a industrial grade PA, 5,000 t/a sodium fluorosilicate, 50,000 t/a flame retardant, 30,000 t/a water soluble fertiliser, 550,000 t/a cement retarder, and 100,000 t/a calcium enrichment.


Yuegui Holdings's H1 2023 report released on 29 Aug., showed that in Jan.–June 2023, its revenues reached USD286.12 million (RMB2,054.00 million), up by 20.4%; net profits attributed to shareholders of the listed company dropped by 84.38% YoY to USD5.63 million (RMB40.39 million).


More information can be found at CCM Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report.

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