Shoujian Technology to adjust its acetochlor TC capacity 10-12-2023

Summary: Shoujian Technology has planned to upgrade its existing acetochlor TC (methylene method) production facilities to promote healthy development of its business. After the upgrading project, the company's total acetochlor TC capacity will decrease slightly from 9,320 t/a to 9,000 t/a.

In Oct., CCM learned from Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. (Shoujian Technology, formerly known as Qiaochang Agricultural Services Co., Ltd.) that it had planned to launch a 9,000 t/a methylene method acetochlor TC production equipment technological upgrading project. Currently, Shoujian Technology has a 9,320 t/a methylene method acetochlor TC production line in its plant, which was put into operation long ago. After completion of the proposed upgrading project, the company's total acetochlor TC capacity will decrease to 9,000 t/a; the methylene method will still be adopted in the new line.


Shoujian Technology, located in the accredited Bingcheng Chemical Industrial Park, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shoujian Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. (Shoujian Agriculture). Besides the acetochlor TC capacity, the company also has active capacity of 3,000 t/a pretilachlor TC, 600 t/a dimethachlor TC, 1,000 t/a clethodim TC, 1,500 t/a oxyfluorfen TC, 3,000 t/a metolachlor TC, 200 t/a alachlor TC, 8,000 t/a atrazine TC, 280 t/a butachlor TC, 200 t/a propisochlor TC and 2,000 t/a 2,6-diethyl-N-(2-propoxyethyl)aniline. With this large capacity for such a variety of amide herbicides, it is no wonder that Shoujian Technology is one of the major amide herbicide producers in China.


It is worth noting that the plant in the Bingcheng Chemical Industrial Park, with all the existing active production facilities now owned by Shoujian Technology, was once possessed and run by Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd. (Shandong Qiaochang), which is also a subsidiary of Shoujian Agriculture. To better serve the planning of the parent company, Shoujian Technology acquired the assets and thus owned the business management right after negotiations.


Acetochlor, an amide herbicide being on the market for quite a long while, still enjoys respectable market shares. At present, the huge capacity for the product makes it in an advantageous position in the pesticide market in China. In recent years, though some pesticide enterprises have phased out their out-dated large-scale acetochlor TC capacity for the concern including environmental protection, production safety, industrial policies and adjustments to company's industry structure, many others have been active in promoting healthy development of the acetochlor TC industry. Right now, many domestic pesticide enterprises have large-scale acetochlor TC production facilities, which adopt clean production methods allowed by national policies. Besides Shoujian Technology, other representatives of these clean-method acetochlor TC producers include: Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (with 14,000 t/a acetochlor TC capacity), Hangzhou Nutrichem Co., Ltd. (3,000 t/a), Zhongnongfa Henan Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (10,000 t/a), Shandong Zhongshi Pesticide Co., Ltd. (20,000 t/a), Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (10,000 t/a) and Anhui Futian Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (4,000 t/a).


More information can be found at CCM Herbicide China Monthly Report.


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