Inner Mongolia Xingfa's organosilicon new materials integration project changes approved 11-09-2023

On 12 Oct., Inner Mongolia Xingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Inner Mongolia Xingfa)'s environmental impact (EI) assessment on organosilicon new materials integration project was publicised on the website of Wuhai Ecology and Environment Bureau, which is a change under the original approval project. The basic information of the project after the change is as follows:

  • Construction nature: technological transformation
  • Location: Wuda Industrial Park, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Construction content: 300,000 t/aionic membrane caustic soda equipment, 50,000 t/a glyphosate facility (including 90,000 t/a phosphorus trichloride and 60,000 t/a dimethyl phosphite), and 400,000 t/a organosilicon facility.
  • Investment: USD775,401,000 (RMB5,566,520,000) in total, of which the environmental protection investment is USD17,070,900 (RMB122,550,000), accounting for 2.20% of the total.

    Inner Mongolia Xingfa, formerly known as Inner Mongolia Tenglong Bio Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (Inner Mongolia Tenglong), is a chemical enterprise invested by Jiangsu Tenglong Biological & Medicinal Co., Ltd. in Wuda Economic Development Zone, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, with a registered capital of USD4,178,913 (RMB30 million). The company is mainly engaged in the production of fine chemical industry, pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and bio-chemical pesticides. At present, it is wholly acquired by Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.



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