Three projects expected to enter production phase in Nov. 11-27-2023

Summary: Jilin Xuxin's 120,000 t/a refined corn oil project, the first phase of Pliith's 350,000 t/a PLA project and Shouguang Golden Corn's 200,000 t/a lysine project are expected to start production in Nov.

Jilin Xuxin Oil Co., Ltd. (Jilin Xuxin)'s 120,000 t/a refined corn oil project is expected to enter the production phase at the end of Nov., according to a news report on 9 Nov. This project is an extension of Jilin Xuxin's 360,000 t/a corn germ pressing and leaching project.


Project overview:

  • Location: In the existing factory of Cargill Industrial Park, Songyuan Economic Development Zone, Jilin Province
  • Total investment: USD11.15 million (RMB80 million)
  • Floor area: 4,800 m2
  • Construction content: Build oil refining workshop, packaging workshop, oil tank and other facilities
  • Product scheme: Refined corn oil (120,000 t/a)
  • Progress:
  • Commencement of construction: April 2022
  • Equipment commissioning: Late Oct. 2023
  • Production (estimated): At the end of Nov. 2023
  • Estimated economic benefits: This project is projected to generate USD41.80 million (RMB300 million) and USD4.18 million (RMB30 million) in pre-tax profit once it reaches full capacity.

    Jilin Xuxin was established in May 2018 with a registered capital of RMB94.54 million. It is now able to process 360,000 t/a of corn germ and produce 130,000 t/a of corn salad oil, 216,000 t/a of corn germ meal and 20,000 t/a of sprayed corn germ meal.

    Pliith Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Pliith) held a ceremony on 14 Nov. celebrating the full operation of the first phase of its 350,000 t/a polylactic acid (PLA) project.


    Pliith invested USD278.64 million (RMB2 billion) in the construction of the first phase with an annual output of 50,000 t/a of PLA and 75,000 t/a of lactic acid. The first phase was commissioned at the end of June 2023. (For more details, please refer to the "First phase of Pliith's PLA project commissioned" in Corn Products China News 202307). In Sept., Pliith started the production of 75,000 t/a lactic acid.

    The on-site promotion meeting for the high-quality economic and social development of Weifang City held in late Oct. mentioned that Shouguang Golden Corn Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Shouguang Golden Corn) will put its 200,000 t/a lysine project into production in Nov.


    This project is planned to produce 200,000 t/a of lysine by the fermentation of self-produced corn starch. In March 2023, Shouguang Golden Corn started to construct this project in Juneng Golden Corn Bio-based New Materials Industrial Park, Shouguang High-Tech Zone, Shandong Province with USD139.32 million (RMB1 billion). At the end of Oct., it completed the main construction work and will start commissioning and production in Nov.


    Shouguang Golden Corn is a subsidiary of Shandong Shouguang Juneng Golden Corn Co., Ltd. which is part of the Golden Corn Group. This project will raise Golden Corn Group's lysine capacity to 500,000 t/a, ranking among the top three in China, and it is expected to generate USD208.98 million (RMB1.5 billion) in revenue and USD20.90 million (RMB150 million) in pre-tax profit annually.


    More information can be found at CCM Corn Products China Monthly Report.

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