Fluorite projects of three companies in Inner Mongolia 11-29-2023

Summary: In late Oct. 2023, the fluorite project information of two companies was publicised; and a fluorite project of another company began construction.

On 25 Oct., 2023, the website of the People's Government of Ejin Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region revealed the environmental impact assessment reports of the 60,000 t/a fluorite beneficiation plant project of Ejin Banner Wuhua Mining Industry Co., Ltd. (Wuhua Mining) and the fluorite project of Alxa League Liming Industrial Co., Ltd. (Liming Industrial). On 27 Oct., Ejin Banner Lipeng Mining Industry Co., Ltd. (Lipeng Mining) held a ground-breaking ceremony for its Fengtai beneficiation plant project.


Wuhua Mining's fluorite beneficiation plant project, with a total investment of USD10.52 million (RMB75.50 million), is located in Hariburigedeyinwula Town, Ejin Banner. When completed, this project can process 2,000 tonnes of fluorite and 60,000 tonnes of ore per year. This project contains devices of smashing, grinding, flotation, and dewatering, as well as supporting storage, transport, and environmental facilities.


Liming Industrial's open-pit fluorite mining project is situated in Mazongshan Mountain Sumu Shenluo Mountain mining area, Ejin Banner. This project is predicted to establish a 30,000 t/a open-pit fluorite mining plant.


In addition, the ground-breaking ceremony of the Fengtai beneficiation plant, tailing pond, and supporting facility project of Lipeng Mining was held in Saihantaolai Sumu, Ejin Banner. This project, covering a total area of around 286,000 m2, is expected to process 2,000 tonnes of fluorite per day, or 60,000 tonnes per year.


More information can be found at CCM Fluoride Materials China Monthly Report.

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