Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China(the Twelfth Edition) 12-27-2023

This research aims to study China's titanium dioxide industry by production, price, import & export and consumption, and to elaborate the development of the future titanium dioxide market.

Scope of the report
Region scope: China
Time scope: 2020 to 2022

With the continuous development of China's titanium dioxide industry, China has become one of the biggest titanium dioxide producers in the world. Recent years, China's titanium dioxide industry tended to develop steadily. The period of 2020–2022 saw consecutive growth of titanium dioxide capacity and output in China.

With the increasing pressure on environmental inspections, the titanium dioxide industry concentration has improved. In 2020–2022, there were about 42 main titanium dioxide manufacturers in China.

So far, chloride process titanium dioxide is at the initial stage in China, and sulphate process still dominates. Although some major domestic manufacturers have already built or are building chloride process projects, technical barriers, product quality and high cost of related facilities make the process unreachable to most producers. The upgrading of China's titanium dioxide production techniques still has a long way to go.

Domestic titanium dioxide production will still be based on sulphate process, but more and more manufacturers will adopt chloride process.

China is not only a producing powerhouse, but also a big consumer of titanium dioxide. In 2020–2022, domestic titanium dioxide consumption increased and then declined slightly, still giving strong support to titanium dioxide industry. Coating, plastics and papermaking are still the top three consumption sectors for titanium dioxide industry, taking up over 90% of the total consumption in the past three years in China.