Hebei Shuofeng to build 100,000 tonnes per year glycine capacity 02-26-2024

Summary: EI report of Hebei Shuofeng's "100,000 t/a glycine production line project" was accepted and published by local authority at the end of Jan.

On 29 Jan., the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Hebei Jinzhou Economic Development Zone accepted and published the environmental impact (EI) report of "100,000 t/a glycine production line project" from Hebei Shuofeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Hebei Shuofeng).

Established in Dec. 2021, Hebei Shuofeng has a registered capital of RMB3.00 million. This project, which is divided into two phases, is proposed by Hebei Shuofeng in order to seize market opportunities and meet the market demand for high-quality glycine.

Project overview

  • Type of project: new construction
  • Construction site location: Mayu (Industrial) Park, Jinzhou Economic Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
  • Investment amount: Planned investment in the project totals USD41.66 million (RMB296.00 million), 5.07% of which (USD2.11 million/RMB15.00 million) will be for environmental protection (EP) purposes.
  • Planned investment in Phase I totals USD21.11 million (RMB150.00 million), of which USD1.27 million (RMB9.00 million) will be for EP purposes.
  • Planned investment in Phase II totals USD20.55 million (RMB146.00 million), of which USD844,488 (RMB6.00 million) will be for EP purposes.
  • Site area: 48,622 square metres
  • Construction details of Phase I: A new production workshop as well as its utilities and supporting facilities will be built. New production devices will be purchased and installed.
  • Construction details of Phase II: Two new production workshops will be built, and will rely on the utilities and supporting facilities that are set to be built in Phase I. New production devices will be purchased and installed.
  • Production process: A chloroacetic acid ammonolysis process will be first applied to produce tech-grade glycine, which will then be refined to food-grade glycine.
  • Number of budgeted posts: 150 (80 for Phase I and 70 for Phase II)
  • Working schedule: four groups of workers; three 8-hour shifts per working day; 300 working days per year
  • Construction period: 12 months for Phase I and another 12 months for Phase II
  • Economic benefits: It is estimated that the project will bring in yearly sales revenues of USD111.95 million (RMB795.37 million) and yearly profits of USD27.67 million (RMB196.61 million) after the Phase I and Phase II both reach full operation.
  • Table Planned production capacities in Hebei Shuofeng's "100,000 t/a glycine production line project"
    Type Product Phase I capacity, t/a Phase II capacity, t/a Total capacity, t/a
    Main products Tech-grade glycine 35,000 35,000 70,000
    Food-grade glycine 0 30,000 30,000
    By-product Ammonium chloride 24,000 45,000 69,000

    Source: Hebei Shuofeng


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