Jilin Province releases Five Year Plan to expand and upgrade high quality farmland

Publish time: 11th December, 2021      Source: CCM
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  Recently, authorities in Jilin province held a conference on water conservation for winter and spring farmland as well as on high quality farmland construction. Authorities plan that by 2025, Jilin Province will create 3.2 million hectares of high quality farmland and transform and upgrade 253 thousand hectares of farmland. By 2030, Jilin province will create 3.9 million hectares of high quality farmland. These plans aim to increase agricultural production in Jilin Province.


  Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jilin Province issued a "Notice on Accelerating the Construction of a High Quality Farmland Construction Planning System", which requires all parts of the province to draft farmland construction plans in the region, and carefully plan new farmland upgrading projects as part of China's fourteenth Five Year Plan. Among the goals of the Five Year Plan are the increase of grain production in key areas, protection of imporant agricultural areas, and the establishment of permanent basic farmland. The farmland construction layouts, goals, and funding arrangements should be clarified by local authorities, and tasks should be assigned to townships and land parcels in order to complete these plans.

  Xi Jin Ping urges Jilin Province to protect and utilize chernozem "black soil" farmland

  In 2021, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government implemented ideas given by General Secretary Xi Jin Ping in a speech made after an espection of the agricultural measures of Jilin Province in 2020, as well as to strictly protect and use chernozem, known colloquially as "black soil." These measures aim to stabilize and increase grain production, as well as to increase farmers' income.


  This year, Jilin Province has ushered in a bountiful harvest. The abundant grain harvest and the increase in production have helped Jilin Province solidly promote the construction of high-quality farmland, and in 2021, the province planned to build 330 thousand hectares of high-quality farmland. During November, Jilin Province already succeeded in creating 250 thousand hectares of high-quality farmland, and 23 thousand hectares of land was dedicated to efficient water-saving irrigation methods. In November, these plans were completed to 75% and 121% of their targets, respectively, and these plans played an important role in the abundant harvest achieved this year. The province will ensure that the remaining part of the project is completed on schedule before the end of this year.


  Jilin authorities collaborate with experts to advance agricultural technology

  The Deputy Governor of Jilin Province spoke to the press regarding these plans for agriculture production. The Deputy Governor stated that in the year of 2021, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of Jilin Province made a focused effort on strengthening their protection of chernozem in order to maintain China's food security and to implement the key ideas given by General Secretary Xi Jin Ping in his speech made after his inspection of Jilin province's agricultural facilities. The provincial authorities of Jilin province also hired four academics to form an expert committee on agricultural matters and signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in order to strengthen agricultural efforts. Furthermore, the provincial authorities made plans to invest more resources into the development of scientific technology for the purpose of creating and advancing chernozem granaries.


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